Lap Band and Not Losing Weight

  • gencs2000
  • Bridgeton, NJ
  • 3 years ago

HI - I had LapBand surgery 10/08/2010. I lost 20lbs the first month. I was so happy. I have only lost 9lbs since then! I have had fills and nothing seems to work. I have no restriction, can eat anything I want in any quantities I want. I'm beyond frustrated! I goto the gym 5 days a week and come out soak and wet...still no weight loss. I'm making a good effort to watch what I eat and still no weight loss. I'm going for a barium test this coming friday and then I see my dr again in April. I'm beyond discouraged and disappointed. Can anyone let me know if they have experienced this as well? Thanks so much - Tara

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Hi Tara,

Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble losing weight post-surgery. 

We have a review from another user who was also having difficulty losing weight, which turned out to be a leak in her band. This obviously isn't the case for everyone, however, you may find hers and other reviews helpful in gaining more information. You can find that review here.

Also, if you have any specific questions you can ask a question, which will be answered by a board certified bariatric surgeon. 

It's important you speak to your doctor. It may also be helpful for you to keep a food and exercise diary. It's hard to account for everything you eat and very easy to not remember the odd cookie here or nibble there. Having a food and exercise diary can help you to really focus on how many calories you're consuming compared to what you're burning off.

Please keep us posted on how you're doing!