My hairdresser said cutting my gray hair was like cutting an old persons!

  • BrittB
  • Seattle
  • 4 years ago

From Spitfire2010, "I have gray hair that my stylist don't even like. I went to get it trimmed and she said she is not liking my gray. she say's I have too many patches, thus it's not all gray. she also say's she feels like she cutting a old person's hair when she sees my gray. I am 40 but i have a young looking face. I am a brown skin lady and I too am tired of the dyes. I would love to chat with others who are feeling the pressure to color. I like it but am doutful alot." Ladies what do you think about this?

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I agree with Sharon. Time to find a new hairdresser. You want one who will treat you with respect and dignity.

Your hairdresser is mean. That's not the way to treat anyone, but especially a client. It's so unprofessional. Personally, I would take that as a sign to get a new stylist, even if you stay in the same salon.