How is Every 1 Gettin Financed? Every 1 Cant Have Good Credit on Here?

  • locs2TheEnd
  • Fort Walton Beach, fl
  • 2 years ago

I have two jobs but of course I make min wage. I can't seam to come up with the $8,000 all at once. What are some ways I can get finance?

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I did through income tax but there is finance my dr in tj is 5000 for tt and extensive lipo! and i dnt have good credit either..
Yesh, campos quoted me $5668 and most likely i'll you some of my income tax as well. But that going to be at least another $2000 I'm thinking for travel and stay.
Dr. Salama if possible.
I don't know but maybe some people saved for it over a period of time, or even finance their surgery. I understand what you mean though. What doctor are you going to?