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How to keep facial results

  • Hannah D
  • 6 years ago

I spend about $120 a month on facials. what I wonder is: can I do something to preserve the results and maintain the benefits I see from the facials. I'm on a tighter budget and would like to stretch the skin rejuvenation spending to every other month.

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On average, your skin turnover happens approximately every 28 days (less time when you're younger and longer as you get older). Regular, professional facials/treatments are very helpful to assist in this process but the second best investment you can make is on cosmeceutical-grade products for home-care. There are many great over-the-counter products out there, however many also have less desireable ingredients that can cause breakouts and allergy type problems as well as no great results. Cosmeceutical products usually have higher grades/concentrations of active ingredients for more dramatic results as well as less preservatives in the form of parabens that can cause allergies/breakouts. They are only available through skincare professinals. An esthetician will recommend the best products for you and usually have them on hand for retail purchase. Yes, most do come with a hefty price but you do get what you pay for and if you're consistent, you will see the difference!
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  Professional facials should be every 4-6 weeks and should incorporate exfoliation to stimulate new and healthy skin cell growth, hydration using steam and moisturizing masks and extractions for a deep pore cleansing. See Renee's answer to "What's the best daily skin care regimen?" to learn her post-facial home care tips.
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