Dr. Richard Restifo and Dr. Patrick Maxwell

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Has anyone received treatment form either of these doctors or knowI of anyone who has? If yes, were they happy with the outcome?

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I am in the process of having a catastrophic mastectomy reconstructed by Dr. Patrick Maxwell. The man (and his staff) is amazing. He has spared nothing in correcting a horrible situation created by the initial surgeons and correcting deficits 3 other surgeons could do nothing with. I can't say enough good things about this man. He has, in a very real sense, given me back my life.

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Hi. I have used Dr. Restifo (New Haven/Wilton) for two different procedures. In 2003, I had a breast reduction with a lift. My breasts are still beautiful after two kids, 3 year birth difference. I have gone to a few different doctors for annual exams, including breasts. And those few commented on the wonderful job my plastic surgeon completed. They all stated in a similar way that it was one of the best jobs they've ever seen. In 2011, I had a tummy tuck performed by Dr. Restifo. Once again, what a great job! He has had the same staff of ladies since I first met him in 2003. So, I found that to be reassuring on another level, confirming my intuition of Dr. Restifo's professional, warm, successful character. Whomever uses Dr. Restifo, I can assure, will have a lifetime of great post-op results. Good luck!
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Which doctor did u use? I have a consult scheduled w Dr restifo in new haven
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Which doctor did your surgery? Restifo or Maxwell?

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I can only warn people to just what an awful job this man did on my lipo suction & breast lift/reduction .He cut the hole in the middle of my stomach for the lipo (so now I have scar) . And as for my breasts he cut into my stomach area one breast is a whole size larger then the other.Then he wrapped me with a plastic like wrapped (I'm highly allergic to plastic)
I told them that on the forms !!!...Which I'm sure no one bothered to read ! I couldn't be more unhappy with my over all finished product I look like i was butchered. Now I have a to see another doctor to have this corrected .... And listen I'm a small framed girl 5'7 120 lbs. I just had large sagging breast ( and they still do sag) and I had a little pocket of fat on my lower belly..... All I can say is don't us him unless you want to look like he's learning on you!!! i still may sue him!! Monster!!!
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