Distressed about hyperpigmentation after Total FX...

  • Still_Hopeful
  • CO
  • 2 years ago

I'm a fair-skinned Asian female around 40. My skin was OK in general, but I was not happy with the fine lines around my eyes and the "tired" look of my skin. I went ahead and got Total FX done 2 weeks ago. The procedure was fine and recovery pretty fast, but I developed hyperpigmentation afterwards. It first started around the mouth, then gradually the cheeks and below my eyes. (Especially below the eyes, there was this crescent-shaped discoloration that make my eye "bags" look enormous! I was very careful about sun avoidance etc... I did a test skin patch behind my ears prior to the treatment, and I used bleaching cream to prepare for the treatment too.  I'm so annoyed! How long will it take for the hyperpigmentation to go away??? When can I start bleaching again?