Does contractubex gel and cica care really works for hypertrophic scar and the other scar?

  • prudentdevil
  • 1 year ago

I have a facial scar under my eye from 1 month ago and now using contractubex gel and cica care sheet. Does anyone used contractubex and cica care before? my scar is raised and red , surface skin looks different with normal skin. really worried about this thing now.  

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NO! I did research on Contractubex, and it's the same thing as Mederma. The AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) actually published an article about how Mederma really doesn't work at all. It's just some sort of onion extract, which can actually cause increased irritation. They found the same with Vitamin E, that it doesn't really hurt, but doesn't help at all. My Dr. said that the only topical treatment for scars that is actually medically proven to work is silicone gel. He sent me to Biodermis (, and they were VERY helpful. I used their silicone gel sheeting and Pro-Sil on my scars, and they healed up beautifully. Hope this helps anyone going through the same thing.
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How did they work?
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