The Most Talked-About VASER Lipo Transformations - 10 Before and Afters [PHOTOS]

*Treatment results may vary

10 before-and-after photos from RealSelfers who have tried VASER Liposuction.

Thinking of mitigating that muffin top? VASER Liposuction involves dissolving unwanted fat via high-energy sound waves (commonly known as ultrasound). Once the fat is turned into a liquid, it’s then suctioned away, and the hope is this reduces your recovery time.

So, how do you decide if VASER or traditional liposuction (which skips the ultrasound step) is right for you? Never fear. We’ve pulled together 10 of the most talked about VASER Liposuction transformations (the ones that RealSelfers commented on the most) so you can see for yourself.

Take a look at their before-and-after pics, along with a little update on their progress.

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MuffinLESS: New England Mom of 3 

*Treatment results may vary

"So looking forward to go back in and have touch up..not looking to swell up again thou...took so long for swelling to go down..hoping this time will be quicker healing with a lot less stomach is a far way from what it was."

Reggie: 27-Year-Old Seeking A Slim Body

*Treatment results may vary

"I am so glad I decided to have this done, I have went from a size 16 (tight) to a 12 (loose). I am taking better care of my body now I originally only lost 8lbs from the initial procedure but since I have started working out and eating better I have lost 14 more lbs in the past month."

RedHeadNTexas: Texas Girl

*Treatment results may vary

"I have always been unhappy with the shape and size of my thighs. I never wanted to go to the pool...I had a hard time finding pants. I am pretty small, so they were VERY noticeable. Finally, I decided to go for it... I am 2 1/2 years out and I am still thrilled with my results!! I can't tell you what a boost it has been for my confidence! My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner."

O2BME: 37th Birthday Present To Herself? Vaser Lipo

*Treatment results may vary

"I'm going to be brutally honest and there are parts of this that were unpleasant...well, awful. That being said, I can hardly wait to go back next month and have my outer thighs done."

JohnC212: Secretly Traveled To Poland So Nobody Would Know 

*Treatment results may vary

"I workout a minimum of 5 days a week in the gym. I also swim competitively and I run marathons. However, I have always had this layer of fat, particularly around my abs and chest... For anyone going through the early stages of vaser recovery, just be . Its a slow and difficult recovery and the mental anxiety is the worst. But give it time!"

Methuen2848: Floridian With A History Of Bad Lipo

*Treatment results may vary

"I am kinda nervous that my results will have me look too skinny. if i have great results after only 11 days, it worries me."

CaliforniaGirl911: West Coast Woman Tired Of Love Handles

*Treatment results may vary

"Still lumpy, just started endermology so we shall see how it goes. One thing to think about too is the INCISION SCARS - be prepared there are LOTS of them! Can't wear a bikini yet- I still seem to be slightly swollen and skin is discolored a bit."

DarkNDreamy: Florida Girl

*Treatment results may vary

"This procedure is not a quick fix and healing takes time. I glad to say that I am happy with the results and see improvements to the area that was done.  It took me about 4 weeks to get back to my exercise routine. I wear a "tummy trimmer" when I exercise since i am still a little sore around the flanks and it helps when I am jumping or running.  The scars are healing well and are becoming less visible."

Duncan in Joburg: Husband Seeking Built Body

*Treatment results may vary

"I am still thrilled by my result and what a difference it has made to my life. I still go to gym, eat properly have cut down on drinking drastically (yes still have a couple of beers on a Saturday) but all is done in moderation now."

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