Can I fix my nose after years of being broken? (photos)

I broke my nose when I was 15years old ans it has ben slightly broken ever since

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Nasal fracture

yes, fortunately there is no real timeline after which a fracture can not be repaired as long as the person is physically fit for risks of anesthesia and wound healing. Best of luck

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Fixing a broken nose

Thank you for your question. you have a slight bump on the bridge of your nose and middle portion is twisted to the right (giving it a C shape). The tip is slightly broad. A rhinoplasty can reduce the bump, narrow the bridge and tip. See a rhinoplasty surgeon for an exam and more information. Good luck

Jeffrey Jumaily, MD
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Nasal Deformity after Injury

You have a crooked nose with a right nasal bone displaced fracture, a c-shaped nasal septal deformity and a concave left upper lateral cartilage. An in-person consultation will likely reveal internal nasal obstruction with a deviated nasal septum. Fortunately you have have a septorhinoplasty through an open approach to correct and straighten your nose. You will likely need nasal bone reduction, nasal osteotomies to move the bones to a straighter position, cartilage grafts - especially in the middle vault area to reconstruct your upper lateral region, tip refinement and strut graft for tip support. I recommend consultation with an experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon with special interest in rhinoplasty and review your surgical options. You do not have to live with a crooked nose, despite the fact that you have been living this way since the age of 15. I applaud your interest in having your nasal deformity corrected and wish you the best. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
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