I Am Not Sure What I Need but I Have a Deviated Septum,and One of my Eyebrows Droops and my Lip is Crooked? (photo)

My nose is deviated, that might be covered but when I look up you can totally tell it is crooked, looking at my picture, my face is obviously asymmetrical. Right eyebrow droops (not the eyelid had consult), cant see the right nostril as much as the left, and the right lip is slightly higher than the left. My appearance looks fine from the side but not the front. I look confused if you look at me, but I am making a straight face. Never had any fractures, or Bells Palsy so I am not sure what I need.

Anyways here are pictures I know I have a deviated septum but my ENT said he wants me to get allergy test which I did have tons of allergies but I still can't breathe good, as you will see one side of my nose looks closed off, and looking at me straight you can tell it is crooked but they say septo doesn't change appearance, do I need both?

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Deviated septum diagnosis

 The only way to diagnose a deviated septum is by  examining the internal portion of the nose by a physician. If you're breathing adequately out of Your nose, there is probably not a deviated septum present. Any external deviation of the nose would be repaired with a rhinoplasty, to include osteotomies, spreader grafts and tip work.For more  information about nasal surgery please see the link below

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Full examination and discussion would be needed Melissa


Thank you for the question and the photos.  A detailed discussion and evaluation would be needed to determine what is the source of your asymmetry and how to best correct it.  It will be important for you to determine what is most important in terms of correction (eyebrow, nose, etc).  There are solutions for almost everything and each solution has advantages and disadvantages so it will be important to prioritize your goals.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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Everyone is asymmetrical

Rarely does one have a symmetrical face.  Changing the position of just one brow or one side of the lip is very hard to accomplish and often does not work out well.  From the photos you provided, I really do not see much deviation of your nose.  If the septum is deviated and causes a breathing problem, perhaps that can b improved.  You  should consult someone for an examination.

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Can you breathe

If you can breathe well then a deviated septum is not an issue. If you are more concerned about the crooked nose then a rhinoplasty will help. Your photo does not show a significant deviation (crookedness). The other asymmetries of lip and brow are all within a normal range. Even the best faces in the world have some asymmetry. I am not sure if surgery will be worthwhile for you. I would hold off for now. Regards
Dr. J
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Deviated septum has no effect on the appearance.

Correction of a deviated septum was no effect on the outward appearance of your nose and face. It will probably be coupled with pruning of the turbinates to improve airway.

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Is my face crooked?

Dear Melissa,

Thank you for your question and photos.  Unfortunately, I am having trouble seeing all the asymmetries you mention in your photos.  If you can take a clear front facing photo without turning your head in any direction, your concerns my be more clear.  Since, I am having trouble seeing these clearly, I suspect you are your own worst critic and most people do not notice what bothers you.

Best Wishes,

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