Hit my Nose 6 Days After Rhinoplasty

So I was laying and reading a book on my iPad when I accidentally moved and the iPad fell on my nose. It was painful but the pain was gone within few moments. Now (7 days after the accident) that side of my nose is a little bit more swollen than the other one and I can clearly see the difference, but it doesn't hurt. Should I be worried???? Please answer, thanks!!

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The nose is very stable six days after rhinoplasty.

Clearly you should visit your plastic surgeon. However six days after rhinoplasty it would take a substantial blow to do any damage to the operation.

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Injury to the nose in the post-op period after rhinoplasty

Getting the phone call that a post-op rhinoplasty patient has hit their nose is never fun.  I hate those calls.  The earlier in the post-op period that you are, the easier it is to shift the nasal bones.  I assume that your cast had been removed before your injury? It's difficult to give an opinion without seeing a photo, or doing a physical examination.  I suggest you contact your surgeon ASAP and get an examination to determine if the injury has caused any damage.  

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Hit my Nose 6 Days After Rhinoplasty

Dear Catherine,

Thank you for your question.  It is hard to know without a physical examination.  At this point, just relax and make an appt to see your surgeon and tell them what happened.  It is difficult to damage the nose while you are wear a splint, but if there was any movement in the nasal bones, this may be correctible early on .

Best Wishes,

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Trauma after rhinoplasty

Hello Catherine,

Thank you for the question.  I am sorry to hear about your mishap.  I understand it can be a worrisome event but it has happened and your plastic surgeon can fix it if it needs to be fixed.  Keep your head elevated and protected and see your plastic surgeon at the next available opportunity.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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