What would make the doctor recommend a rhinoplasty for me?

Hi. I hope this doesn't sound too stupid, but I'm genuinely interested. My mom would never let me get a nose job if it wasn't for a good reason like breathing problems or a broken nose. So with that in mind, what could I do or what symptoms could I describe to my mom and my family doctor that would make them suggest a rhinoplasty? A broken nose from soccer, or constant nosebleeds after falling on my face, only being able to breathe from one nostril? Please help, I'm willing to do anything.

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What would make the doctor recommend a rhinoplasty for me?

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Dear insecureteen, honesty is always the best policy, both with your mother and doctor.  Do not take any undue risks, or cause trauma to yourself, just for the sake of having a rhinoplasty.   No one's life and health is worth less than their perceived appearance.    Your own beauty, happiness, and truth encompass much more than your nose.  Don't forget this fact.  Best wishes, Dr. Lepore 

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What to tell your family and your doctor

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dear insecure teen 

 As much as it might seem difficult, honesty is the best way to approach having any serious intervention. This applies to surgery as well as many other life decisions. You should tell your family and your doctor what your concerns are and why. This will allow them to see what bothers you and what is important to you as well as realize your level of maturity and decision-making and wisdom.this will also assure that you have the right procedure for the right reasons.

Afshin Parhiscar, MD
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Rhinoplasty considerations

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A rhinoplasty is a procedure that is designed to change undesirable features of the nose. A well done rhinoplasty will preserve breathing function. If you dislike your nose or have difficulty with nasal breathing, then a rhinoplasty consultation is the first step toward achieving your desired cosmetic and functional goals.

Recommending rhinoplasty for the right reasons

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Any type of surgery should be done for the right reasons.  If you truly have breathing issues, your surgeon will examine you to determine if your septum is deviated, or if you have airway blockage issues.  If you do, septoplasty can help this, but it won't affect how your nose looks on the outside.  If your mom won't let you get a nose job, then maybe you should wait until you can make this decision on your own.  You may decide that you like your nose once you're finished growing.  Be well!

Michael R. Macdonald, MD
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Rhinoplasty for the right reasons

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Rhinoplasty is a surgery to change the shape of the nose for breathing or appearance. 

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex surgeries to perform. I tell my patients it is a major commitment to go through surgery and the long recovery process. That process starts with an honest healthy history and thorough examination to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for my patient. Without clear clinical information, I cannot make a safe recommendation and I will not suggest unnecessary surgery. I also wait until cosmetic patients are clear about their aesthetic goals before proceeding with an operation. Clear communication is key. And safety comes first. 

Victor Chung, MD
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What would make the doctor recommend a rhinoplasty for me?

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It is unwise to try to manipulate your surgeon by suggesting symptoms or history that are inaccurate. Doing so will only harm the patient-physician relationship. An experienced nasal surgeon would see that there is no evidence of a nasal bone fracture. Additionally, cosmetic rhinoplasty is not the treatment for breathing issues -- a functional rhinoplasty can improve nasal breathing usually without altering the shape of the nose, so you would still be left wanting with respect to aesthetic improvement.

My advice is to wait be honest with your parents and if they are unwilling to entertain your ideas regarding nose-reshaping surgery, wait until you are independent, then seek out a consultation and always be honest with your surgeon.

Best wishes!  Harry V. Wright MS, Sarasota, Florida 

Harry V. Wright, MD
Sarasota Facial Plastic Surgeon

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