Hello. I have hooded eyes problem like many people. What would be the best option and possibly quicker?

The problem with them is they make my eyes feel heavy. tired and may be i am sleeping a lot becasue of that . I am a medical student, because of this problem , i feel like i am less focused and more tired most of the time. 

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Upper lids

Upper lid heaviness and "droop" could be an issue with the "lid" alone or in conjunction with the brow position.
An in-person evaluation is essential in order to determine which specific factors are contributing in your situation as the surgical treatment (or non-surgical) can vary depending on these.
You should meet with an experienced oculofacial specialist for a thorough examination and to discuss your recommendations.

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Upper eyelid surgery

 Upper eyelid surgery is usually performed when patients have significant excess skin creating the hooded look on the upper eyelids. This involved removal of skin in the upper lids and sometimes small amount of orbital fat  which create the puffiness look as well. The incision is located directly in the upper eyelid crease. A full set of pictures are required before making any determination. Ptosis must also be ruled out. For many examples of cosmetic blepharoplasty,  please see the link and the video below

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Upper lid bleph

From what you describe you should be able to get a nice result with an upper lid blepharoplasty. This procedure would make you look more rested and open up your eye. In my experience the most important thing in assuring a quick recovery from blepharoplasty is minimizing bruising and swelling. Bruising is much easier to prevent that to get rid of. I have all my patients ice as much as possible from the time they get home until they go to sleep that first night. And I instruct them to not recline any more than 45 degrees until they go to sleep that night. And stay away from salt. Patients who follow these instructions generally heal very quickly with little or minimal bruising or swelling.  See a board certified  surgeon in your area with an expertise in aesthetic surgery for more information. Good luck with your procedure!

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Hello. I have hooded eyes problem like many people. What would be the best option and possibly quicker? Perth, Australia

Thank you for your question. It would be good to see some images in order to give a personal recommendation for your options. Hooded upper eyelids often results from excess skin or fat in the upper eyelids. Hooding can also be contributed by a low brow position. A personal examination would be required to identify your main issue but overall excess skin in the upper eyelid is the most common cause. Excess skin responds well to upper eyelid blepharoplasty and you should seek a consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon to discuss your options.
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Hooded lids

Hooded lids may be related to brow sagging or excess upper lid skin. Best to be seen in person to be properly evaluated. Good luck!

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Sagging eyes and studying

I would bet the tiredness and difficulty concentrating is more likely from the fact that you are a hard working med student than to your upper lids.Unless you are an older medical student,it is rare for someone in their 20's to have a blepharoplasty but I have had a couple where it was a genetic thing in their families and they did well.

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Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Thank you for your question.  Excess skin and/or fat can be removed by blepharoplasty. However this is a very customized procedure, and to learn what is best for you, I would suggest a consultation with a surgeon who is experienced with this operation.

Excess upper eyelid tissue can certainly make your eyes feel heavy and tired.  However, it is important that you have an evaluation of your eyes to be sure that there isn't another problem (like dry eyes) causing some of your symptoms. 

Needing more sleep may just be a symptom of being a med student :-)

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The Ten Minute Eyelift Is A Minimally Invasive Approach For Mild To Moderate Hooding Of The Eyelids

Photos would have been extremely helfpul. In their absence, what I can say in general, surgery is the definitive approach to addressing upper eyelid hooding.

That having been said, I have been performing The Ten Minute Eyelift for mild to moderate hooding (including doing on myself) for over fifteen years with gratifying results and relief. For more information about this, you can check out the archives of RealSelf.com. 

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Small Cost, Big Difference

Hi Spatel36, thank you for your question. 

Extra skin and fat on the upper eyelid can cause the eyes to feel and look tired. Taken to the extreme, the extra skin can hang so much that it can hamper your vision and cause discomfort. Eyelid surgery combined with Eyebag Removal can effectively reduce the excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids to leave you with wider more youthful looking eyes.

I would suggest you look fully into the procedure and find a surgeon that is experience and that you trust.

Good luck going forward

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty

the treatment of choice for your condition, which it is called dermatochalasis, is upper eyelid blepharoplasty. You need to go to an oculofacial plastic surgeon and they can assess you if you also have ptosis of your upper eyelids.  the ptosis of upper eyelids will be repaired with other surgical intervention. 

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