How Long After "Popping" the Implant with Needle Should You Wait to Get Explant?

I want to get my D cup size 10 year old implants removed as soon as possible. I was unhappy from day one but have been afraid to do it. I'm now psychologically prepared for the surgery and for what I'm going to look like after and it's well worth it to me. My question is - I plan to have them "popped" in a couple weeks in-office. After they are deflated with the needle, how long should I wait to get the actual implants removed? I don't know if I want a lift or not.

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Implant Removal

Occasionally, I see patients who just want the implants removed because they don't want the implants "to be a part of them" anymore.  Make sure you think about this and that this is the right thing for you.  If I were you, I would discuss the risks associated with "popping" them prior to going to the operating room vs. going to the OR and just having them removed there.  After you understand both procedures, make an informed decision.  Talk to your surgeon and get good advice.

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Removing breast implants

I would recommend getting the implants out as as possible after "popping" the implants if that's what you intend to do.  Otherwise, I would wait and let the doctor do it during the actual surgery.  If you wait too long, you may get a build up of fluid called a seroma.  Also, you'll most likely need a lift afterward.

Implant Removal Choices

It sounds like you just want your implants removed and not replaced.  You may or may not need or want an uplift afterwords.  You undoubtedly have had some changes in the size and composition of your natural breasts and the skin has been stretched for a number of years.  In most cases after implant removal, the tissues and skin will gradually contract and you will not look as droopy as you might first imagine.  "Popping" is not really necessary.  I usually have patients wait several months after explantation to let things settle down and allow you time to decide if you even want an uplift.  You certainly will be smaller and that may be a bigger problem to get used to.  You need to have a discussion with your surgeon who can give you a better idea what to expect after examining you.

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Breast Implant deflation, popping and Revision

To "pop" the implant is a well established minor office procedure called Percutaneous Preoperative Implant Deflation (PPID). PPID allows you the patient to visualize the residual breast volume, skin excess, and nipple malposition. Additionally, it allows the patient and surgeon to appreciate the deformity and the complexities involved. Do you need a lift (mastopexy), another implant, or nothing? Performing this office procedure allows you to know all these questions prior to surgery. Your plastic surgeon will be more prepared to deliver a better result for you if he knows how things look prior to going to surgery. I don't like surprises in the OR.

This minor procedure can be performed in the office about 1-2 weeks prior to explant. The longer you wait, the better the deflation and retraction of your breast tissue.

To read more about PPID, do a web search on Percutaneous Preoperative Implant Deflation to read one of my published medical articles on this topic. Good luck.

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Breast implants

I do not see any benfit to "poping" the implants and deflating them first then removing them. The needle "popping" can run the risk of infection and you will have a bigger problem.

You want the implants removed, then go ahead and remove them with removal of the capsule, The skin may retract some, you may have some deformity, scarring etc.

If you are psychologically ready then do the surgery

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Popping them before surgery brings on more risk

Popping them before surgery brings on more risk.  Proceeding straight to surgery for removal is preferable.  If there is a desire to minimize the scar, the implant can be deflated under direct vision at the time of explantation.

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Why pop them if you are having them removed??

Unless you have to wait many months for whatever reason to have them removed, why pop them at all, just get them out.  It is easy with no recovery.

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The wait period after in-office implant deflation.

The idea behind in-office deflation is to deflate the implants prior to removal in order to more accurately determine the lift necessary following contraction of the breast. Wait times differ between surgeons from a few weeks to a few months. If you have an appointment scheduled with your plastic surgeon, this timeline should already be identified for you. In cases of smaller implants with little to no ptosis of the breast tissue, in-office deflation offers very little benefit to simply removing them in the operating room.

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