What Are Symptoms of Necrosis of the Nipple?

I had saline implants for ten years,they recently found a lump and a biopsy was done, Thank God it was a fibroadenoma. I got scared after the whole process and decided to remove my implants and get a breast lift. After the surgery my right breast was still bleeding. I went to see my PS and he took out the bandages and the bleeding stop. I am now five days post op, my breast are healing fine the only problem is my left nipple looks purple. Do I have Necrosis? There is some pink behind the darknes

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Nipple necrosis?

Necrosis of the nipple will exhibit black coloration of the nipple. Necrosis means the tissue, or in this case the nipple, is dead. Ischemia, or poor blood supply, usually exhibits a purple color with sluggish capillary refill. Also, with necrosis and tissue death, the sensation to the nipple will be gone. Time for healing will define what tissue is viable or not. Your board certified plastic surgeon should be able to assist you in determining the viability of the nipple(s) and what if anything else needs to be done.

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Symptoms of necrosis..

Normally signs of necrosis are dark color and/or discharge that worsens over time.  The purplish color you see may just be bruising, however its hard to diagnose someone without seeing you in person.  Since it is vital to keep a very close eye on that situation, I would definately make an appointment to see your plastic surgeon immediately for an examination.














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Nipple necrosis

Colour change in the nipple after breast surgery (uplift or reduction) may indicate problem with circulation to the nipple. Usually it starts with bluish/purplish discoloration with the colour becoming darker/black with time. Then again, what you describe could be just bruising or mild circulation problem which may not progress to necrosis. Please see your surgeon if you are worried and/or post a photograph.

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Nipple necrosis

Tough to answer this without examination.  This is why it is critical to see your PS.  Only he or she can decide what is going on.  It may be nothing more than your nipple healing, but it could represent something more than that.  Good luck

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Nipple necrosis after implant

As soon as you have a concern about the nipple after surgery, you should contact your surgeon.  Any problems that develop with circulation to the nipple need to be dealt with quickly.  Delay may result in loss of nipple/areolar skin and a less appealing result.

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Healing of the nipple after implant removal


The best thing for you to do is to return sooner rather than later to your plastic surgeon so thet he/she can evaluate you and guide your treatment. A purpleish color may mean there is some congection of the veins that drain the nipple area but there is no way to tell without an examination.

I wishe you well.

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