Sharp Stabbing Pain in Breast 6 Years Later

I had my implants done 6 years ago and never had any problems untill a few month ago, i started getting sharp stabbing pain in left breast. i finally went to see my doctor on wednesday who prescribed a anti inflammetry gel. its not working and the pain still comes and goes, it lasts a few seconds but comes back quite often. my doctor says impant seems fine but there is a hard bit of tissue what she can feel under my skin at the top of breast. do u think ill need to get my implants removed.

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Sharp Pain 6 Years after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

Pain at this point in your history is often related to the presence of scar tissue ( capsular contracture).  In person examination with well  and experienced board-certified plastic surgeons may be helpful. Encapsulation of breast implants do not necessarily mean that the breast implants have to be removed. Sometimes the use of anti-inflammatories and/or massage may be helpful.

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Breast pain 6 years after normal breast augmentation

This can be a difficult diagnostic and treatment problem and occurs in women without breast implants. 

In general, the surgery to put implants in or the implant itself do not cause pain in the breast that appears six years after a normal breast augmentation without problems. The important issue is to look at the breast the same way it would be evaluated if the implant were not there. Although breast cancer does not usually start with sharp stabbing pain, it is imperative to make sure the problem is not cancer and not ignore it by blaming it on the implant. In nearly all situations, the pain would not be relieved by removing the implant. Unfortunately, sometimes the cause of the pain and a treatment cannot be established. 

The problem is compounded for silicone gel implants because we don't have a simple test to prove that the implant is intact. The MRI is the best current test. Further tests and perhaps a biopsy may be needed to make sure the "hard bit of tissue" is not a tumor or the source of the pain.

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