I had Mole Removal from my lower eyelid one week ago. I am now left with a hole on my lid. Can this be fixed? (photos)

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A hole in the lower lid; the lid margin is a complex structure and one should seek a qualified surgeon

Thank you for your question and picture.

The answer is yes but you should now wait.  It will heal.  If there is a residual divid type of defect in 1-3 months, a plastic surgeon would be able to excise the defect as a wedge excision and close in layers, carefully approximating (i.e. bringing together) the edges for a smooth lid margin.  It is crucial to align the lid for cosmetic reason, same as we do with nostrils and lips.

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Dr. Marc DuPere, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

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Lower lid reconstruction

In person evaluation is needed to evaluate the available methods for lower lid reconstruction.

This requires extreme expertise in lower lid reconstruction.

Samir Shureih, MD
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