Will Skin Be Tightened After Liposuction?

Does Liposuction cause abdominal skin to tighten or shrink again, so it does not look sagging?

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Skin shrinkage after liposuction is modest

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Skin shrinkage after liposuction can be modest at best regardless of the technique used. This can be true after weight loss as well. Some of the best predictions for actual contraction of the skin is young age, and comparison of skin tone and elasticity in several areas of the body, such as neck, abdomen, and under the upper arm. Contouring is often a balancing between fat removal with liposuction, and skin reduction through tummy tuck or arm lift. Elasticity lost from weight gain, pregnancy, or aging cannot be restored by liposuction by any technique be it laser, ultrasound, and skin tightening systems such as light based therapies tend to underwhelm. Sorry but skin shrinkage with liposuction after the elasticity has been lost is too good to be true.

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Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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New Liposuction Procedure probably does NOT tighten skin

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I have read all of the studies and tried some (not all) of the latest laser liposuction technology, but I am NOT convinced that they will tighten skin. If they did, I would buy the technology immediately. After all, this is what I do...and I want to give all of my patients outstanding liposuction results.

The laser liposuction clearly helps to melt fat. I have seen this with my own eyes, but the results at three months did not seem to be any different than with tumescent liposuction alone.

The one thing that these procedures has brought to light is that liposuction can be done very effectively under local anesthesia. I have been doing this for years, and I'm glad to see that so many more of my colleagues are doing the same now.

If the technology ever does emerge that will tighten skin, I will have it. So far, it just doesn't exist.

Thomas P. Sterry, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, skin does contract after liposuction

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Dear Morenita,

Yes skin does contract after liposuction. However, if you are 45, it is unrealistic to expect your tummy to look like it did when you are 18. How good is the skin contraction? Good enough that many are very happy with the improvement and grateful that they avoid the disfiguring scar created by a tummy tuck. However, there are individuals who will benefit from the tummy tuck particularly if there is already a structural weakeness in the stomach wall, or a significant loss of skin elasticity as examples.

Carefully seek out individuals in your community who are motivated to help you achieve your personal goals. In particular, consider seeing surgeons of differing specialties such as dermatologic surgery and general plastic surgery. This helps you to avoid informational bias that might occur if you only see surgeons of one particular type of specialty.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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On the liposuction technique used. The ultrasonic energy from the Vaser has been shown to facilitate skin tightening . It is very effective in shrinking Gynecomastia ( man boobs ). , back rolls and love handles. .
However the most important factor is the quality and elasticity of your skin . Do not expect thin, droopy and stretched out skin to simply snap back . Some form of skin tightening surgery will probably be needed.  

Liposuction and skin tightening or Laser Lipolysis

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Traditional liposuction will remove fat and cause trauma to the tissue beneath the skin and to the collagen within the deep layers of the skin. By nature, damage to collagen results in tightening of the skin. I would consider this more of a side benefit of traditional liposuction than a goal. In the newer laser lipolysis systems, the goal is not only fat reduction, but, also skin tightening. The wavelengths that many of these systems use are designed specifically for

1. fat melting and

2. skin tightening. Depending on the quality of your skin and the amount of fat you are presenting with, you can expect a variable, but, noticeable amount of skin tightening following your laser lipolysis procedure.

Philip S. Schoenfeld, MD, FACS
Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Skin is elastic, and will somewhat shrink after liposuction

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As evidence by pregnancy, skin is elastic and will shrink somewhat with certain types of liposuction, especially the tumescent technique with the micro cannulas. A lot depends on your genetics, if you have stretch marks or not and how the procedure is done. Don't rush into a tummy tuck if you don't have to.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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What happens to skin after liposuction

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Hi Morenita - httYour skin may retract after liposuction and conform to the tissue below it. However, this depends on how much fat is removed and on the elasticity of your skin. If a lot of fat is removed and your skin has been stretched out for a while then it is not likely that your skin will retract. If a moderate amount of fat is removed and you still have good elasticity then you may get some tightening of the skin. It's hard to predict this, so I usually recommend liposuction first, wait and see how much tightening occurs, and then resect any excess skin that doesn't tighten. Good luck!

Will skin shrink after dog bite?

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That is the zillion dollar question. If we knew how to make skin shrink, we would not have to do facelifts, breast lifts, tummy tucks or thihg lifts. Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed ways to assure skin shrinkage. That is plastic surgery's last frontier in addition to anti-aging.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Skin can be tightened with liposuction.

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1) Patient selection is very important. Of course not every woman's skin can be tightened with liposuction.

2) But in good candidates (under 50 years of age, and only moderate looseness), skin can be tightened impressively with SUPERFICIAL liposuction. Also, at the end of liposuction, we perform sub dermal tunneling, which we think further tightens the skin.

3) This was conclusively demonstrated by Dr. Gasparotti from Rome years ago.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Skin tightening and liposuction

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Typically, after traditional liposuction, fat is removed but there is not a skin tightening effect other then contraction from scar tissue formation. However, with some of the newer liposuction techniques that utilize a laser or ultrasound device there is a skin tightening effect that occurs. The laser is able to stimulate your own collagen and produce a skin tightening effect. You should discuss with your doctor options for liposuction and some of your decision making process will depend on your age, your skin tone or laxity and amount of fat to be removed. An individual consultation is always paramount to getting an optimal result.

Jennifer S. Landy MD
Tampa Ophthalmologist

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