Breast lift after massive weight loss from bariatric surgery

*Treatment results may vary

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This 46 year-old woman from Santa Rosa sought plastic surgery consultation after massive weight loss.  She had a gastic bypass approximately two years prior to the consultation and had lost 200 pounds.  Her weight was stable and she wanted to restore her body's shape and regain some confidence. 

During her consultation, it was obvious that she had major skin excess and sagging, especially in the arms and breasts.  She also had significant looseness and sagging of her abdomen, her pubic area and her thighs.  We listened to her particular concerns and came up with a multi-stage surgical plan.  Her first concern was her breasts. 

At our plastic surgical suite, she underwent a bilateral breast lift (mastopexy) without the use of implants.  She is shown 2 months after her breast lift, with major improvement in the shape and position of her breasts.