Breast lift plus implants (revision after 3 surgeries, 2 surgeons elsewhere)

*Treatment results may vary

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This 31 year-old woman wanted to even out the size and increase "perkiness" of her breasts, which were droopy and different in size after breast feeding two children. She initially underwent breast augmentation with 550cc saline implants (elsewhere), and after surgery was too large and still asymmetrical. Her first surgeon then re-operated to take saline out of the same implants, resulting in breasts that were still too large, still asymmetrical, and with severe implant rippling. She then went to a second plastic surgeon, who performed a donut (periareolar or Benelli) lift on her Left breast and a circumvertical (lollipop or vertical) lift on her Right breast with new, smaller saline implants. Thus far, 3 operations by 2 surgeons left her with the before photo when she came to Dr. Tholen. He performed the operation she should have had in the first place: full Wise-pattern (anchor) breast lifts with bilateral exchange to silicone gel implants (300cc right, 275cc left, both smooth round moderate profile). Her after photo is 3 months after her fourth breast operation by her third surgeon (final surgery by Dr. Tholen).