55-64 year old woman treated with Breast Reconstruction

*Treatment results may vary

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Patient is an amazing 60 year old woman who presented with the diagnosis of cancer to her left breast. As a very active woman who loves rowing, she did not want to go through any of the traditional methods of breast reconstruction that would compromise any function or strength to her body, let alone have scars where traditional flaps would be taken from. She was referred to Dr. Kayser by her breast surgeon and immediately found the concepts of fat transfer totally in line with what she wanted. When she learned that an entire breast could be made from fat alone, without the use of an expander or implant or skin/muscle flaps taken from anywhere on her body, she knew this was for her. She also had some breast drooping and had no problem scheduling a mastopexy before her mastectomy to, not only lift her breast, but to also improve the likelihood of preserving her nipple and areola! Although fat was placed at the time of mastectomy, the most significant progress occurred afterwards when the BRAVA domes were used to expand the breasts, which created the environment in which the fat grafts could be placed. Since fat is living tissue, this had to be performed in stages - and in limited amounts - to not compromise the fat that was placed during each procedure; however, this would also set the foundation to allow even more fat to be placed at each subsequent session. Susan wanted only a B cup but could (and still can) have had more fat placed if she wanted. Susan's story of breast reconstruction and the expansion process to her breasts, using a device called BRAVA, and the subsequent fat transfer sessions, were all performed in an out-patient surgery center. Like all reconstruction, this involved a series of staged procedures and, obviously, a commitment by Susan over a period of just under two years (including some time away) to complete the process (although many patients can complete the process within a year). In the end, however, Susan's breasts are completely natural, filled only with her own fat which has resulted in a shape and texture that is virtually cosmetic in appearance and feel! Although there are differences in the shape and position of the breasts - anticipating radiation that she never ended up needing, her results still have a completely natural shape and feel.