Transaxillary Augmentation Revision with Silicone Implant Conversion and Volume Decrease

*Treatment results may vary

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29 year old 5’2” 225cc moderate profile silicone gel implants bilateral C-cup downsized to B-cup shown at 3 days after transaxillary implant exchange This patient came in for elective downsizing of saline implants that had been placed 4 years earlier, with a goal of achieving a more natural-appearing result, as the original implants caused excessive roundness, especially on the right, where she has an asymmetrical chestwall, with excessive upper chestwall bony fullness. The right implant is wide enough that it rides up over the prominent right upper chest causing the mildly increased upper fullness on the right. The original 325cc MP saline implants, filled to 325cc bilaterally, were removed via the axilla and the new smaller silicone implants were then placed via the same axillary incisions. Results are shown at only 3 days post-op. The smaller implants are narrower, and thus do not ride up over the fuller right upper chestwall. Careful inspection of the photos shows the axillary pull-out sutures that are secured with tape. She easily removed the sutures at home with a gentle pull at 1 week post-op.