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Uneven Juvederm- Should I Get a Touch Up?

I had one vial of juvederm yesterday to help correct my smile lines and it looks very uneven! I have no bruising, redness or bumpiness. My left side... READ MORE

Causes of Extreme Swelling Post-Juvederm? I've had It Several Times With No Problem.

I've been using the same injector for years with wonderful results. About a week ago, I went in for my usual touchup, which had given me... READ MORE

What is the difference between Juvederm XC and Juvederm ultra plus?

I had Juvederm XC injected in my nasolabial folds in August. The folds are becoming noticeable again slightly. I'm thinking about getting a retouchup... READ MORE

24 Hours: Duck Lips Post Juvederm?

Yesterday I had a small amt. of Juvederm on one side of my lips to even out past juvie from 5 months ago. A minor touch-up. The bottom lip is fine,... READ MORE

Juvederm Touch-Up - Quantity?

Does a Juvederm Dose Go Farther on Touch Up Than Original Dose? Don't Want to Pay for 2nd Vial. READ MORE

Is Juvederm Contra-indicated for Undereye Use?

I have an appointment for a Juvederm touch-up in my nasio-labial folds, and i wanted the Dr. to place the leftovers around my tear trough area. I... READ MORE

Can I Get Juvederm Injected if I Currently Have Perlane?

Hello :) Recently I was injected with perlane in my lips and restylane in my nasolabial folds. Im not satisfied, and would like to possibly be touched... READ MORE

What is the maintenance like on lip fillers?

I have very thin lips, and basically no structure to my upper lip. I just got my first injection on juvaderm ultra, and I know I will need a few... READ MORE

Do doctors charge for Juvederm lip touch ups after two weeks

My lips are somewhat un even , my left side has a bump and my right side is smooth. I explained to my doctor that I wanted a fuller bottom lip than my... READ MORE

Wondering if Juvederm was performed poorly. Is touch up required? (Photo)

I was given able .5 ccs of juvederm about 10 days ago. I find the final results unflattering. I feel the bottom lip is not proportional to the bottom... READ MORE

What are you supposed to do when you're not satisfied with your results? Do you think I'm being unreasonable? (photo)

Took the advice I got from my 1st post & emailed my Beverly Hills Dr to address concerns.He didn't hesitate & asked me to come in for touch up.Wrote... READ MORE

Juvederm Nasolabial lines -- swelling

Had Juvederm for the first time in my nasolabial line 5 months ago. Followed up yesterday w/ minor touch up, probably about 1/4 a syringe. The moment... READ MORE

Juvederm lips. One year post touch up, Uneven lips

I've been getting my lips done for 5 years now. I've gotten to the point that I only need touch ups once a year now & very little (1/4 a syringe or... READ MORE

Had Juvederm for nasal labial folds, need touch up. Is it safe to mix product? ie: Juvederm and Radiesse? (photos)

I got juvederm for my nasal labial folds twice 2 years ago and I'm ready for a top up. I've since relocated to where I lived when I received said... READ MORE

Touch up or leave as is? (Photo)

2 weeks ago had juvaderm in lips w lots of swelling. Swelling has gone done except in morning still swollen then disappears in a few hours. ? Is do I... READ MORE

Can I touch up up my Juvederm ultra lips with a cheaper/ different filler such as Restylane?

I got lip fillers done for the first time in March, specifically the one I read had the best results which was Juvederm Ultra plus. I am now wanting... READ MORE

How to fix my uneven lips after injection? (photos)

I received juvederm ultra plus lip injections approximately two weeks ago. My lips had a slight imbalance prior to but was never noticed. I've gone... READ MORE

What is going on with this? How do you treat it? My surgeon has me on antibiotics and an antibiotic cream.

2 days ago I had a touch up on my lips from a couple weeks earlier. There was left over juvederm so the surgeon used the left overs in my smile lines.... READ MORE

Getting Juvederm Plus, is it okay when you have regular Juvederm in your cheeks?

Hey I have almost 6 syringes of juviderm in my face for acne scarring and it worked great! But I wanna get a tiny bit more just to touch up a few... READ MORE

Would I need to have juvederm topped up after 12 months?

Would you need to get it topped up after 12 months ? if not does your natural lip sag? or deflate ? do your lips go back to the way they where before... READ MORE

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