What is the difference between Juvederm XC and Juvederm ultra plus?

I had Juvederm XC injected in my nasolabial folds in August. The folds are becoming noticeable again slightly. I'm thinking about getting a retouchup in December of this year, but I'm thinking about getting Juvederm Ultra Plus, rather than Juvederm XC. I just want to know if there is a difference between the two, and what the difference is. Thank you in advance!

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Juvederm what is the difference

The different Juvederms used are the Ultra, Ultra Plus and Voluma. XC refers to the fact that there is Lidocain added to the filler in order to reduce the discomfort during the injections. I have been using all the different ones to treat the nasolabial folds depending on the needs of each patient. The ultra is the thinest filler and is used for superficial  lines, Ultra plus is used for the moderate lines and volume is used for deep wrinkles and for check volume augmentation which is the main way I treat the nasolabial folds.

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What is the difference between Juvederm XC and Juvederm Ultra Plus

Juvederm Ultra Plus has a greater viscosity and elasticity than Juvederm XC, which means that it provides more stability and lift when injected and is a little less smooth.  This is a characteristic that is used for injection in the mid face to elevate tissues that have sagged in the lower face.

Stephen Mandy, MD
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon
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Juvederm XC vs. Juvederm Ultra Plus

Juvederm Ultra Plus has a thicker consistency through cross-linking than Juvederm Ultra.  The XC refers to the addition of lidocaine in the formulation.

In our practice, nasolabial folds that are deeper may also be corrected with other fillers such as Radiesse and the superficial lines corrected with a hyaluronic acid like Juvederm.

Vito C. Quatela, MD
Rochester Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm differences

The "XC" in Juvederm XC means that lidocaine is mixed in with the product for patient comfort during the treatment.  Juvederm Ultra Plus is available with and without lidocaine (as is regular Juvederm).  Ultra Plus has a thicker consistency than regular Juvederm.  Discuss with your injector which is best for you.

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What is the difference between Juvederm XC and Juvederm ultra plus?

 Hi, I have used many different dermal fillers over the past 30 years.  The Ultra Plus is thicker than the XC and will give more volume correction.  I like Restylane Lift as well for filling in the nasolabial folds, marionette lines and for shaping the cheeks, chin and mandibular angles.

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Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Juvederm XC vs Juvederm Ultra plus

Thank you for your question. The main difference between the two fillers, is that Juvederm Ultra plus is a little thicker than the Juvederm XC. Both fillers can be placed in the nasolabial folds with great results. An experienced injector will be able to recommend the appropriate filler for you based on what you need. 

Lenore Sikorski, MD
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What is the difference between Juvederm XC and Juvederm ultra plus?

Hello, and thanks for your question. Juvederm Ultra is a bit more thin than Juvederm Ultra Plus, but honestly they are more similar than dissimilar. Best of luck, Dr. Frucht.  

Corey Frucht, MD, PhD
Santa Barbara Dermatologic Surgeon
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Getting the right combination for nasolabial folds--juvederm and sculptra

The difference is where they are used. Juvederm XC is used for facial wrinkles, while Juvederm Ultra is used for lip augmentation. For nasolabial folds, a combination approach is best: fillers for the folds themselves but also lifting around the mouth and cheeks to build underlying anatomical support. In our practice we combine sculptra with other fillers "layered" on top to get the most conservative natural look. Please see a facial sculpting expert.  Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Juvederm XC is specifically designed and FDA approved for facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds. Juvederm Ultra XC is FDA approved for treatment of the lips and perioral area.

Janet Turkle, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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