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What Filler is Better Than Juvederm to Fix Dent on Cheek?

I fainted from a standing position and hit the left side of my face. I had Juvederm but the dent is still there and my cheek looks fatter on that side... READ MORE

Juvaderm Dent and Discoloration After 9 Months

Hello, So over the last 2 years I have had fillers placed in my undereyes 3 times. 2 times with one doc (my first time I bruised in the same area I am... READ MORE

Did Juvederm Cause Permanent Dents Under Eyes?

I had Juvederm under my eyes and I had very slight hollowing, and now 1 and half years later I still have the dents. I went to a specialist on... READ MORE

Dent Above Upper Lip After Juvederm? (photo)

I'm almost 4 weeks post one syringe Juvederm in my upper and bottom lip. I wanted a subtle plump. So far, I'm very happy with the results apart from... READ MORE

Best Option for Cheek Dents?

I have developed these dents on my upper cheeks.They create this ugly shadow that looks as if my cheek is sagging. I used Juvaderm to fill in the... READ MORE

Can I correct the discoloration that Juvederm caused when placed in my acne, atrophy from cortisone? (photos)

I had cortisone injections 2 months ago that left me with dents. I had them filled with juvederm and one has turned blue with what looks a doughnut... READ MORE

Strange Dent Under my Eye After Juvederm Ultra, What is this?

It has been almost a year since I had juverderm ultra injected underneath my eyes to address dark circles that seemed to disappear when pressure was... READ MORE

Cheek Dents. What Are My Options? Cost Estimates? (photo)

Hi im only 20 years old but i have cheek dents that im very self conscious about, i wondering if fillers such as juvederm would help or what your... READ MORE

How long should I wait to get fillers again after filler reversal with hyaluronidase? (photos)

I had Juvederm in the marionette lines last Nov. I suspect the filler wasn't deep enough as I had a blue tint that stayed for months. When the blue... READ MORE

Tiny "dents" in lip 3 days after injection. Is this normal?

Hi, 3 days ago I had a very small amount (1/2 syringe total) of juvederm injected into my upper and lower lip. I am now noticing that my upper lip has... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase nightmare. I was left with a huge dent under my right eye. Is this dent permanent?

I was injected with hyaluronidase to remove Juvederm in my tear troughs. The hyaluronidase left me with very deep hollows, a huge dent near my tear... READ MORE

Pouches around mouth? What is this from and what can I do? Recent weight loss and getting married in a few months. (Photo)

I've lost 30 pounds in the last year and my skin has changed. I had 1 cc of juvaderm plus in my cheeks a month ago and Botox in jaw for tmj/wide jaw.... READ MORE

Filling dent in face caused by the removal of filler? (photos)

A doctor over filled the lines around my mouth that required the removal of the Juvederm. The removal created large dents on each side of my face that... READ MORE

Is It Possible I Still Have Some Juvederm Left After a Year?

Back in May of 2010 I was injected with ArteFill in the chin, which resulted in a lump. I received a shot of Kenalog to dilate the lump, which left an... READ MORE

Dented scar on the tip of the nose from a burn more than 35 years ago. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

Hi, I received 2 opinions from 2 cosmetics surgeons. One suggested a Juvederm filler together with a bleaching and some laser sessions before going... READ MORE

Tear troughs dent on one eye; is there too much in one eye? (Photos)

Had juvederm in tear thoughts 1 week ago one eye is fine the other is puffy and looks like too much in one eye . READ MORE

I had Juvederm in tear trough last year. Caused dents and dimples, and one year later it's still obvious (Photo)

What's the best treatment? I have waited one year it's a little bit better but still there READ MORE

Can filler (Juvederm/Restylane) temporarily be used before revision rhino for a dent between bridge and tip? I'm Asian.

1st procedure was I-shaped silicone implant. 2nd, replaced w/ ear cartilage, bridge & tip. Looks natural now BUT bridge and tip uneven in height.... READ MORE

Does Vitrase kill/eat away on your natural HA?

I got an entire vial of Vitrase into a lump of Juvederm and it instantly melted away. My concern now is that the Vitrase has left a dent and I noticed... READ MORE

juvederm filler under eye any advice? (photos)

Recently got botox around crowsfeet and bunnyline. and now i got weird lines next to my nose between nasolabial folds and tear trough when i laugh or... READ MORE

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