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60th Birthday Present to Me! Vaser Lipo of Abdominals and Hip area - Tampa, FL

Well tomorrow is the day. I have always wanted this procedure but for some reason or another I just put it off. As the years went by I have maintained my weight and figure. Then menopause set in and each year that went buy my body did a major change. From a curvy figure to a square figure.... READ MORE

Vaser to Abs, Flanks, Waist + Fat Transfer to Bottom and Cheeks - South Africa

Hi, so I had the procedure on Thursday, and today in Sunday and only just now feel "normal" enough to write this. I think I had about 6 litres taken out, but will double check with the Dr tomorrow. I am from UK but travelled to South Africa to get this done (as I wanted to go to the best. I also... READ MORE

From London to Istanbul for Vaser Lipo with Dr Metin Kerem - Istanbul, TR

Hi, RealSelf has really been an eye opener for me the last couple of months in making decisions and knowing what to expect with Vaser Liposuction. I've never really considered cosmetic surgery and i've only just decided to do this to improve my stubborn areas such as by belly and achieve a more... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo, Fat Injected and Lip Injection - Mexico, MX

I'm 31, no kids, 5'7 and weigh 160 lbs. I went to the molding Clinic with the intention of getting diet pills and maybe mesotherapy. I ended up getting laser lipo the same day. I met with the doctor at 8 a.m. to talk about the diet pills and injections and he mentioned vaser lipo. He said they... READ MORE

41 Years Old with 2 Children, Vaser LipoSelection - Thailand

Hi, I'm 41 years old, mommy of 2 children, 4 and 10 years old. I've been facing difficulty of my undesired shape due to big top legs and arm, as well as fat between my breast and armpit. This drives me crazy when I realize they are no longer side effect of my pregnancy, but specially maintained... READ MORE

25, No Kids, Full Back Vaser Lipo - Pittsburgh, PA

I have had back fat for as long as I remember. I have had some life difficulties and gained 40 pounds in a few months. I am starting my weightloss journey again on wanted the back fat gone to look better when I loose the weight. I am about 6 weeks out and am not liking my results so far. Waist,... READ MORE

42 Year Old Man Getting Vaser Hi Def to Abs and Flanks in Poland

Hi all, My story is very similar to the ones I've researched on here, I’m normally a very private person but the write-ups and people on this site really helped in my decision making process, and the in-depth reviews gave me a real insight in what to expect, so thought it would be selfish not t... READ MORE

Vaser High Deff Female Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Implants Skinny Woman

Longgg story it all started in Sydney I had lipo thinking Sydney would be safe I turned out so botched and deformed my stomach was sagging and I looked like a grandma so I went to Thailand where I had my boobs two years prior cause I remembered my surgeon was a lipo expert he did labiaplasty... READ MORE

27, No Kids, Lost 60 Lbs Doing Crossfit, but Can't Seem to Lose Stubborn Fat - Dallas, TX

So I've been overweight since I was a kid. Always the chubby one. My highest weight was 235. I started working out a few years ago doing cardio and lost 30 lbs, then lost another 30 doing Crossfit. I saw a lot of body composition changes but not enough. I ended up battling disordered eating,... READ MORE

28 Years Old Always Had a Podgy Tummy

So I have been stalking realself for a while now and reading up on many different ways I could get rid of the stubborn fat on my tummy. All your reviews have been so helpful in guiding me to the right surgery! I want to now tell you all my experience. A little about me: As a child I was a... READ MORE

36, Healthy and Active Lifestyle for Years but Despite my Best Efforts my Stomach Was in Need of Lipo Rescue - Georgetown, TX

I have worked very hard for many years and have had great results with my workout and diet efforts except for my stubborn mid-section. I have had one child but that was over 17 years ago so although that changes things a bit physically, I felt that I had dedicated enough time with trying to make... READ MORE

42 Year Old Male, Vaser Lipo by Dr AJAKA @ Cosmos Clinic Double Bay NSW, Chest, Abdominal, Flanks

Prior to having the surgery at the Cosmos Clinic by Dr Ajaka, some years back I was quite fit and my body was not like it was upon my pre surgery photo's. This being to a back injury,major depressive disorder as a result of my previous employment. The objective for me was to achieve some... READ MORE

Dr Moises Salama IS the Best! Lipo/4d Etching. Aventura, FL

For years I have been going to the gym with no real results. I stayed within 180 lbs with some muscle but no fat lose. I did my research and when I finished I was in shock. It's the same Doctor that did my girlfriends BBL. So I reached out and Cynthia got back to me within a day or two, and the... READ MORE

Gym Rat with Prior Tummy Tuck and Two Kids (BE AWARE) In Mexico You Can't Sue Due to the System´s Corruption - Tijuana, Mexico

I am a person that prior to the surgery (Vaser liposuction) would work out (crossfit) 5 days a week as I stated in my title. I had a tummy tuck 15 years ago after my first kid and decided to have a second kid 6 years later. I have achieved a lot working out regularly and my size was between S... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo by Dr. Precht - Seattle, WA

I’ve been keeping track of my journey so far, but hadn’t yet had a chance to create the Realself review. So I’m posting all of it now, with the dates in order :) ? 4/18 The Consults: After doing a ton of research online, and looking at before & afters for so many doctors I lost count, I dec... READ MORE

35 Y/o Mom of 3 Little Kids... Need to Get Rid of the "Mommy Pouch" - Newtown Square, PA

First let me begin by saying that I am not one to take the easy way out. After having 3 kids in a 4 1/2 year time frame, my stomach was left with extra fat, or as I call it, the "Mommy pouch", that I could not get rid of despite regular exercise and eating healthy. I was initially looking at... READ MORE

45 Mother of 3. Leeds, GB

I was Fed up of the "pregnant looking tummy " i was scared but had nothing to loose, any smaller was better than what I had. I was expecting real bad pain after Vaser Lipo on my abdomen but no pain at all, just tenderness , I kept waiting for the pain and still none, now on day 4 post op and... READ MORE

Looking for Advise - Ireland, IE

Hi all, Looking to have Vaser lipo done this summer. I have researching and looking into clinics. I have been reading all the pros and cons and trying to find a good doctor and clinic. I am in Ireland and there is not that much options. I would not travel for it. My questions are is there... READ MORE

VASER on Upper Arms and Back - 32YO 5'10'' 160lbs Female Tired of Having Man Arms! London, GB

After years of wrangling with wanting to have this procedure and feeling like I should accept my body for what it is, I have finally decided that my body is my own, and I want to have VASER liposuction on my upper arms and back. I did quite a bit of research using Google Scholar to find out if... READ MORE

40 Yrs Old! Time for Some Tweeking! - Boca Raton, FL

I have always had a decent body with the usual saddlebag and heavier legs. I am active, work out 3/4x weekly. I am 5'5 140-145 lbs. I will be having lipo on my upper legs and stomach. I will be getting implants and fat transfer to breasts as well. I am excited at this point and not sure... READ MORE

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