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Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound energy to melt fat before it is removed through a thin tube called a cannula. This technique makes the fat easier to remove and may be especially useful in areas with larger volumes or denser fat. It also results in a less-aggressive procedure, which may lead to faster recovery times. This method does pose a risk for burns, and as with traditional liposuction, it's not intended to significantly reduce weight, but to address fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. LEARN MORE ›

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37 Years Old - London, UK

I go to gym 2 X per week and didn't want to loose too much weight on certain a areas of my body but did want to loose fat on tummy, inner thighs and lower back. Vaser has helped me to contour my body and give me shape that I couldn't achieve through diet and exercise.. I am so pleased with my... READ MORE

Sick of my Belly - Bristol, United Kingdom

After many years of squishing my tum into jeans, hating the way I look in a bikini, and many diets aimed at belly flab, tomorrow I take a short cut, pardon the pun, and have Baser liposuction to my upper and lower abs and flanks. To say I am nervous is a massive understatement. I will take... READ MORE

Ready to Do Something About my Big Belly and Thighs! VASER Lipo? - Plano, TX

I've decided that I really need to do something about my belly and thighs. I had a baby in 2014 via C-section and not only is my stomach area bigger, I also have the sagging pouch. I happened to gain 70 lbs. (I am currently 235 lbs) I've started dieting and exercising again, but considering... READ MORE

Well I Only Went and Got Vaser Lipo TODAY! London, GB

Well if you look at my other posts I have obviously been considering this and I even went ahead and had consultations ... but I didn't know if I really believed I would do it until I was lying on the bed. Although I have tried Laser Lipo, Cryo Lipo, Vanquish and still have an outstanding Groupon... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 1 Kid (Cc) and Still Looking Pregnant 1,5 Years Pp - Prague, CZ

My stomach was still so big after I gave birth I just got really fed up with it. I am also T1 Diabetic on insulin injections and I wanted to discuss with my endo new routines to do my work out more often and avoiding any sugar level problems. Her advice was to get liposuction :). I didn't waste... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Female 50kg Vaser In 3 Areas - Manchester, GB

Well I've just had vaser in three areas, flanks and inner/outer thighs. I thought I would start reviewing from the first instance as I found the other stories really reassuring. They removed less than a litre in total so I will wait and see how satisfied I am with the results. I would be lying... READ MORE

Stay Away from VASER Under ALL Circumstances. Denver, CO

Once you decide to do liposuction (lipo) or fat transfer and you discuss it with a doctor you will discover there are multiple methods for the surgery. They are basically either mechanical or thermal. The laser ones all fall into the thermal category. There is a laser probe that is inserted,... READ MORE

Turned 40 and Thought I've Always Wanted Better Abs - London, GB

Researched for a long time on the Internet and finally decided on Dr Mike Commins at Hans Place London. Consultation booked and attended at his clinic just around the corner from Harrods. Felt very at ease and was able to ask many questions. Didn't feel rushed in any way. The good thing was he... READ MORE

40 Year Old Male - With Stubborn Genetic Fat Deposits! Egypt, EG

I have always wanted that ripped beach body, since I was a teen. I have always been very active and health conscious. So 20 years down the line still haven’t achieved my goal! Don’t Drink, Don’t smoke and go to the gym3 to 4 times per week. I have even managed to get a personal trainer on the d... READ MORE

26 Years Old, 1 Child, VASER Lipo on Flanks, Bra Roll, Under Armpits and Lower Back!

Tomorrow is the day! 5`4", 160 lbs, have had a spare tire around my waist my ENTIRE LIFE. My waist has always been very out of proportion with the rest of my body. I have not worn a t shirt since I was 13, and am so utterly and completely sick of hiding in baggy shirts, cardigans, etc. After... READ MORE

TT lipo bbl breast reduction

After my 3 gorgeous girls and my addiction to dunking rich tea biscuits and Haribos after giving up smoking a year ago - getting rid of that bulge on my stomach is proving difficult. I have been researching surgeons for this procedure for some months now and the cost in UK is around £5000. So ... READ MORE

Chin Vaser Lipo and Thread Lift to Contour Neck......... Dr Meikle Katowice, Poland

I noticed about 7months ago that I had started developing a double chin and when looking at pictures of myself, I thought it spoilt my profile.... So I decided to start looking for a surgeon here in the UK and also in Europe. I had two consults in the UK and three via email in Europe. The cost... READ MORE

Active 53 Year Old Vaser Lipo Candidate - Stone Mountain, GA

I am a 53 Year old woman who after long consideration has decided to schedule surgery with Dr. Boutte. Working out is not giving me the results I was hoping for and I feel that getting Lipo is a better option. I am schedule to have Vaser Lipo to my upper and lower abdomen, flanks, lower back... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction of Lower & Upper Abdomen & Flanks - Prague

Hello everyone, I have decided to write this as I have found reading other reviews so helpful just purely in knowing what to expect from this. My boyfriend and mum know about this, but no one else and so i need that interaction with others who have been there to help me through this. Basically,... READ MORE

Still Hope for Me at 45! - Stony Brook, NY

Don't just think about it - do it! If you have any doubts go see Dr. Epstein. I'm from Massachusetts and travelled to consult with a few doctors in other states since Massachusetts does not have any doctors who do VASER 4D lipo. As soon as I met him, I knew that Dr. Epstein was the doctor for me... READ MORE

Mom to 1, 42, Exercise 3-4 Times Per Week - Dallas, TX

My husband (48) had Vaserlipo in Oct 2015 to abs, pecs, and flanks. He had good results, so I decided it was my turn. Dr Ben Tittle (who did my breast augmentation 3 years ago and my husbands lipo) did my procedure yesterday to abs and flanks. So far so good. I'm in pain, but nothing that the... READ MORE

Vaser Mid - Hi Def Bid to Reclaim my Life - Leeds, GB

Ok so I have decided after months of research and consultations with such as Harley medical. Transform and Selston Clinic to go for Vaser Mid - Hi Def surgery with Dr Grant Hamlet at The Private Clinic Leeds After reading reviews both his name and Dr Bassi came up the most in the uk along with... READ MORE

1 Week Post Hi Volume Vaser - Extreme Pain/Swelling

I love and trust my surgeon but I was not prepared for the extreme pain I’m still in. I can’t sleep because my abdomen is swollen larger then before I had surgery. Its now starting to get hard. On 3/30/ 2010 I had vaser on my abdomen, neck, back and flanks. It was done in a... READ MORE

Got burned - literally. Know the risks

I wasn't going to write a review but I hope that maybe someone out there has had a similar experience. To start off I am 5'7 145 lbs. I have an athletic build and for the most part I am happy with my body. I have always had stubborn areas: flanks (what I lovingly refer to as back fat) and my... READ MORE

40 Yr Old Female Vaser Lipo - Winter Park, FL

Dr Joseph is absolutely amazing! He has tons of experience and a good eye for sculpting. I had Vaser lipo on: back/flanks,lower & upper abdominal & banana roll. After your consultation the investment total includes EVERYTHING no hidden charges,Including your garments. He is very meticulous... READ MORE

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