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Vaser Lipo Flanks, Hips, Inner and Outer Thighs, Knees - Pasadena CA

I have always been unhappy with my saddle bags since being a teen. It was one of my dreams to get my thighs and my knees shaped. I have may be 2 dresses in my wardrobe, and no shorts at all, because I just couldn't wear it, though I can't say I am too ugly or way too fat. I actually went down... READ MORE

Vaser'ed my Flanks

So I made a decision this year to go ahead and zap my flab away from the sides of my body. I've been battling with them for over...well my whole life really. It's just made my body look really out of proportion to the rest. I'm pretty toned everywhere else but the flanks really made me look... READ MORE

Ms UN SOUTH AFRICA 2015/6 - South Africa, ZA

I have a relationship with Dr Henry Classes for a couple of years now as Professional Model and 2 X beauty title holder. National and internationally. THIS doctor is in a league of his own. Not only my favourite person in medical-fraternity but professionally, outstanding! He is VERY ( as in... READ MORE

Gettting Rid of the Baby Bump: Upper and Lower Abs - Danville, CA

I have been going back and forth with getting this done for some time now... I'm a 34 year old, 5'2', 164 pounds, mother of four. After my first two kids I worked hard to get rid of the baby weight. Just when I was approaching my goal weight, I found out I was pregnant with twins. Not long after... READ MORE

Abdo and Flanks Vaser Lipo - Adelaide, AU

Hi, I'm booked in for upper and lower abdominal and flanks in about 2 weeks time and am keen to hear from others who have a similar body type and if they are happy with their results. I've spent hours researching online and have found very few Adelaide reviews although I'm told the procedure is... READ MORE

40 Years Old, Average-build, High Def Vaser for Abs and Flanks - London, GB

I've turned 40 and decided that I'm not old yet :) Always dreamt of having six-pack, but no matter what I do, the fats in the lower abs and flanks (love-handles) don't go away. I'm not regular on sports, but as I grew up being sportive, I maintained a reasonably good body and now slightly... READ MORE

My Journey - Charlotte, NC

I took the next step. I have been researching for years and I've been a member of RealSelf for some time. So the next step was the consultation. We talked about my expectations and talked about reality. I knew at that moment that the next step was moving forward. In two days I will have my... READ MORE

Vaserlipo Perth WA

Hi. So I am going for Vaserlipo to arms, hips and abdo and Vasersmooth Lipo to thighs and knees. I am getting really nervous as it is only a week away so figured I would start a review and keep you up to date with how things go. I can only hope they go well!! Fingers crossed! I will post my... READ MORE

35 Yr Old, Bikini Body Wanted! - Artarmon, AU

I'm expecting to be in a bikini by summer.. I eat healthy , I exercise but have fat deposits....! I'm due for lipo on my tummy areas and inner thighs... Would love to see other results!! If anyone else has had similar procedure it knows what to expect would love to hear from you!! I'm not sure... READ MORE

Lipo and Breast Lift - Minneapolis, MN

I am in the process of getting a breast reduction and liposuction. I used to be in the gym on a regular basis. I was in a car accident 4 years ago - rear ended by an inattentive teen age driver. Since then my back got worse and the time I spent running began to diminish. I have been on pain... READ MORE

44 Year Old Male - Nottingham, NH

Hi Vaser hi def ,4 wks on pictures,well worth £8000 the experience wasn't that bad didn't feel a thing having it done,the pain was bearable just kept takin pain relief every 4 hours,didn't sleep much for a few days after the procudure.after the first week things got easier,went back to work ... READ MORE

25 Years Old Stomach and Flanks Vaser Liposuction Dr. Joffeli MYA Clinic, London UK

I am now 3 months post op and I have decided to stop taking progress pictures as I am not very happy with my results. Immediately after my surgery I could feel that my lower stomach pouch was not sore at all, as if that area had been completely missed! After speaking with the nurses they said... READ MORE

40 Year Old Gynecomastia and Vaser Tummy Area - India

The clinic and the doctors are fantastic. I am from North America but I live in Hong Kong. I researched clinics in nearby countries, knowing that there are many countries nearby that have become medical tourism destinations. I started my research with other countries, but ended up choosing... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo, 4 Areas, 40 Year Old Woman. UK - Highgate, GB

I spent many hours online looking for stories when I was deciding to do this which is why I decided to share my story. I used Harley Medical Group in Southampton and had my surgery in the Highgate Hospital. My surgeon was Dr G (as they call him). My experience from start to finish was excellent... READ MORE

Ladybug is Taking the Plunge!

Hi everyone. So I am a 54 yr old female from Canada. I'm 5ft3in tall and weigh 185lbs. I've never been this heavy but I've been on strong meds for the past 3 yrs with weight gain add one of the side effects. That along with menopause had been disastrous for me. So I've decided to do... READ MORE

47 Yr Old Need Help with Legs and Knees - Bellevue, WA

Been on this site for years and finally decided to have vaser lipo on my legs and knees. Years of working out doing cardio and weights just wasn't doing much. I've never been terribly heavy but my legs looked like it. I'm about 10 lbs heavier (140) than my average when I went in for my... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo in Prague

After searching for a surgeon in the uk I found it extremely expensive so I found a surgeon in Prague who is very reasonable so far I've had plenty of information from them I'm having lipo n April on my thighs flanks and tummy ?hich would have cost around £5000 pounds in the uk I will post ... READ MORE

The Countdown is On...Gold Coast, AU

So I finally decided after years of hating my thighs to have lipo. I am 5"10 and weigh about 80 kilos. I have always hated my body, but it wasn't until after I had my son, that I looked back on my pics and was like - wow, I did look pretty good. I'm very social, so while I can be good during... READ MORE

35 Yo Mommy from the the Philippines

So im finally done with my vaser procedure yesterday after weeks of being scared and all. My doctor started working on me at around 2pm and finished by 6pm. I had my circumferential abdomen, inner and outer thighs, arms and fat transfer to the breast done by my beautiful sugeon, doctora claudine... READ MORE

Full Body Lipovaser Sculpture - Bogota, Colombia

I want to have a nice and defined waist line, hopefully showing some ab lines. I want to have firm arms and and a more athletic figure. I work out too much but this is the stubborn fat that after having three kids it doesn't go away. I'm deciding to have the surgery done in Colombia because the... READ MORE

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