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Vaser liposuction - 30 Years Old, No Kids - Prague, CZ

I have been hating my belly, back fat, and arms for quite some time, and figured vaser would make a significant difference to those areas. I decided to do vaser on all these areas, plus my flanks, as I thought I'd get a much nicer body shape, and finally a waist. I wanted a curvy figure with a... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo Curiosity

This is just a mini procedure I'm having done before I go to a wedding in Cancun. I will actually be having a BBL with Dr Sergio Alvarez February 23rd 2018. I will leave him back fat for my fat transfer to my butt. As for now I'm focusing on my stomach. I'll be having my upper and lower stomach,... READ MORE

Not a great lipo experience

Unfortunately I did not have a good experience with liposuction at cosmos clinic. I did not have a lot of fat , aim of procedure was mainly for body contouring and to get rid of small amounts of fat in some areas . Spent over 10k to come out looking almost exactly the same in before and after... READ MORE

29 y/0 vaser on midsection, flanks, & maybe back

I'm going to Graceful Contours. Virtual consults as I'm 3 hrs away. Paperwork submitted & approved. Sent pics 2 days ago. I'm just waiting. It has taken awhile, I'll admit. My paperwork took over a week and a few calls as well as e-mails to get the approval. This week, I finally was... READ MORE

Vaser 4D HD Lipo-Sculpture

Hello all, Catherine Pulsifer says, "Our ability to achieve success depends on the strength of our wings gained through knowledge and experience. The greater our knowledge and experience, the higher we can fly." And I have to say to you all: I am flying very high! When strong knowledge is... READ MORE

Truely Amazing

I visited Dr Rahbar back in Jan of 2017 & after meeting with him for the first time i know that i didn't need to see anyone else for what i was about to get done that's how comfortable he made me feel. I booked the procedure of having Vaser High Definition Liposuction to my stomach,... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo 32 Yrs Male

After years of trying to loose extra fat decided to have lipo to help. I'm active doing cardio 4 times a week and lifting 3 days still fat in my abdomen flanks and lower back was imposible to reduce (all my life i've been a little overweight but active), after research decided to do Vaser Lipo,... READ MORE

Goodbye Hips and Thunder Thighs. Hello Proportional Body : ) - Little Rock, AR

I am a 32 year old woman, that has had a bigger butt, hips, and thighs my whole adult life. I am a very active and clean eat person, but on matter what I do the lower half of my body is still bigger. It very hard to buy jeans, swim suit bottoms and shorts. Bottoms that fit my hips need a bigger... READ MORE

In my forties with a six pack

The staff were exceptional. Always attentive, personal and caring. I'm merely three weeks post procedure and very pleased with my results. The aftercare is a fabulous part of the treatment and the staff are genuinely caring . The doctors were efficient and professional at all times. READ MORE

Pantoja doll coming soon

I went on a website that has a list of the current active certified plastic surgeons in Tijuana, that's where I found a couple of them and after picking my top 2 I decided to take a short trip to Tijuana a few months ago with my girl, who also wanted the same procedure as me, we decided Pantoja... READ MORE

Vaser 4d Lipo

I had 4D Vaser Lipo surgery done with breast and butt augmentation. Love my results, he was able to operate on a slim patient and still produce excellent results. The recovery process was quite brutal so bring your high tolerance to pain! I stayed at the spa/inn that is affiliated with his... READ MORE

Active 53 Year Old Vaser Lipo Candidate - Stone Mountain, GA

I am a 53 Year old woman who after long consideration has decided to schedule surgery with Dr. Boutte. Working out is not giving me the results I was hoping for and I feel that getting Lipo is a better option. I am schedule to have Vaser Lipo to my upper and lower abdomen, flanks, lower back... READ MORE

Extremely Caring, with extraordinary results

The Cosmos Clinic provides top quality surgery and care for its patients. I highly recommend Dr Christopher Lee, who is the main surgeon at the Cosmos Clinic in Canberra. I had Vaser liposuction done at his clinic and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results. He is extremely professional,... READ MORE

Neck Lift Vaser Lipo 4 Wks Ago then Thermage 5 Days Ago...turkey Neck Worse, Help Plz. Pittsburgh, PA

I'm 44 years old but I felt like my neck made me look 60. I had Vaser Lipo and Thermage. I know it still needs time to heal but I just feel like it looks worse. I'm freaking out a bit. I would post the before pics but they look better than the now pics. I also have a 2 inch scar now that... READ MORE

20 Years Old Vaser Lipo Review with Dr Wolf on Back Flanks and Abs

I had been researching this around about 6 months prior to having it and Dr Wolf stood out the most for me so I chose him, I also liked the fact he had a blog and a YouTube channel so I could watch all how the procedure works. I booked a consultation with him and found him very helpful and gave... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Female 50kg Vaser In 3 Areas - Manchester, GB

Well I've just had vaser in three areas, flanks and inner/outer thighs. I thought I would start reviewing from the first instance as I found the other stories really reassuring. They removed less than a litre in total so I will wait and see how satisfied I am with the results. I would be lying... READ MORE

Vaser High Definition Cosmos Clinic

To simply put this, Dr. Joseph Ajaka is a true artist in the sense when it comes to plastic surgery. He basically should change his name to Dr. Joseph "Magic Hands" Ajaka! I am very very happy with the work that was performed. When I first took off the compression garment to shower, my abs... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 2 Children, Having Vaser Lipo to Upper Abs, Lower Abs and Flanks

After 2 pregnancies and some weight gain my stomach area does not look the same anymore. Wasn't sure if i was a candidate for Vaser lipo or tummy tuck. Although i know i have some loose skin, the recovery for TT seemed a little too much for a working mom and busy life. Therefore I chose lipo.... READ MORE

Worth it!!

Few years back my sis got a tummy tuck done by Dr.kharkhanis .. with some amazing results that's how I knew I was going to the right place.. Post pregnancy had piled on Few kilos especially around the tummy and wanted to badly get rid of it..Dr.Sameer suggested I go for tummytuck.However didn't... READ MORE

Dr Joseph Ajaka - Vaser High Def Liposuction - Double Bay, NSW, AU

Consultation Day I made the decision to do this because over the last few years i had turned my life around, becoming fit and healthy. I had lost over 20 kgs, my BMI and Body Fat were all in the healthy/athletic range, yet the stupid manboobs would not flatten. I googled a lot of doctors, and... READ MORE

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