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Liposuction without the surgery? That’s what VASERlipo promises. The branded technology uses ultrasound waves to break down fat cells before removing them with suction through a small tube. LEARN MORE ›

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I had my consultation with Lindsey with no problem making an appointment. Lindsey was very friendly, sweet, and informative. Every question I had, Lindsey answered to the best of her ability; she reviewed with me the process of VASER, healing, as well as the risks/benefits of the procedure. I... READ MORE

I have suffered for 20 years with pockets of fat on my flanks (the bum that looks like a shelf syndrome), my outer thighs and a small stubborn bit on my abdomen around my belly button. I shouldn't complain really - at the age of 14 I weighed 230lbs and by the age of 15 I weighed 135lbs (I am... READ MORE

I had Vaser lipo done to my flanks, lower abdomen inner outer thighs and knees on 3/22/12. The doctor took out 7 liters. A lot more than I thought he would. I consider myself lucky to the general anesthesia. I woke feeling like it was a long nap, and felt tired for about 3 hours then I was back... READ MORE

Day 1 post surgery. I had physio this morning and got to take off the garment and sponge and wow, results are amazing. Those stubborn love handle and belly fat seem to have all gone. It was not sore, just numb. Oh, getting the garment and sponge on is A Job. The sponge/ foam does help but hey I... READ MORE

The most painfull of the whole process was being really crapy and contispated from all of the meds. I was in pretty bas pain until I was able to pass some food through. One I was able to pass some stool through I felt 90% better. I am just very sore but 3 days out already moving around. I eat... READ MORE

Hi :) I decided to go ahead with Vaser Lipo after 3 years of eating healthy and exercising, I still could I not make my stomach flat. My surgery date is 4/27/12. I am so excited. I am planning on posting pictures. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? how long did you take off befor... READ MORE

I'd 4 areas of my upper legs done on the 27th, February 2012. On the 5th of March, I'd 2 areas around my waist and another 2 on my upper & lower abs done. Pros: I could see my legs changed their sizes immediate after my operation. Those big lumps on my outer/upper legs I always had... READ MORE

Going in for Vaser in 8 hours. Having upper & lower abs, flanks, bra roll, & double chin. I'm both excited & nervous! From everything I've read here I'm expecting to be sore for a few days minimum, especially since I am having so many areas done. I took six days off work,... READ MORE

I had mine done on October 2009 and when I woke up from my surgery the first thing I said was.... I'm skinny! They took 9 inches off of my hips and shaped my abs. Wow! Well worth it. I kept it off for 2 years and last week I had inner thighs done with the smart lipo triplex. 3,000 for the... READ MORE

After 7 abdominal surgeries and two babies I am finally getting my abdomen, inner thighs done with vaser lipo and a fat transfer to my breast! This is my 35 birthday present to myself and it is something I have always wanted done! Ok I had done and can't believe the results! I will post pics... READ MORE

Today it´s 6 days ago, I have only pros to this experience! my picture is before and the day after operation. I did this because i could not get rid of the bump on my stomach. READ MORE

Had vaser hi def done on the 7th nov ... Went thru this site before the procedure and still refer to it for all my questions ... As the doctor seems to be taking a different approach to the whole process. I dint see any major change on the first day .. But had a bearable amount of pain ... READ MORE

I am very pleased with my results, I could never loose my post baby weight. READ MORE

Im a transexual and i store fat in my tummy, i am getting my tummy done and the sides... Very nervous, but hoping for the best. 31st is when it will all be done... look for my updates. I DID IT... I feel no pain,,, and i am skinny!! this is the most amazing thing ever..... READ MORE

I had two children late in life (37 and 41) and had some stomach flab that I could not get rid of. I had vaser liposuction of the abdomen, love handles and inner thighs yesterday under local anesthesia. After reading about other experiences, I was worried about the pain, both during and... READ MORE

Hello all, Im Vany 28 years old had vaserlipo 2 days ago in Cancun Mexico with Dr. Burgos. I was 64 kgs for 167cm which is not much, I am very athletic love to run and exercise in the gym, but couldnt get rid of the fat arounf legs (seemed always too big for me and so did my butt) and the bum... READ MORE

Okay Well I have had 4 kids and have tried diets and exercise, but still had a difficult time in losing it in certain area's: Abs (upper and lower) back fat, hips and also had waist done. I researched and researched and finally found a great Dr. That I felt great about. I scheduled my... READ MORE

3 days post-op, with little to no pain, swelling, or brusing. Procedure was painless, actually felt good at time- like a deep tissue massage. Had my flank and abdomen done. Even with the swelling, I can see results. This was a piece of cake. Why did I do it? I'm 6.3.194 lbs,... READ MORE

I have been overweight my entire life and have done all I could to lose weight for years with little to no success. Finally, in 2009 I joined Weight Watchers, this was the starting point to my ultimate success (along with a lot of sweat and tears left behind at my local YMCA). In one year I... READ MORE

I went to Phuket to get my surgery (I am from Australia). I had breast augmentation as well as Vaser. The price listed wasnt including the augmentation. I had inner & outer thighs, abdominal and love handles. I am mostly happy with it. There was a total of 4 Litres taken out. I... READ MORE

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