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Vaser hi-def Lipo on abdominal area and flanks to achieve athletic appearance - Melbourne, AU

I'm having Vaser hi def lipo sculpture today. I have always liked and admired a tight tummy however have never really been able to fully achieve one. Any time I have dieted enough to start to lose weight on my stomach, by that time my face has hollowed out and I look ill. Any time I have fully... READ MORE

52 Yr Getting my Body Back

I am getting case liposuction Don on the 30th of august I can't wait. I have had a tummy tuck in the past have gained some weight so now it doesn't look right . I am back on the good foot . I am getting my upper and lower abs done my back and inner thighs. I am so excited and can't ... READ MORE

35 Years Old One Child 5ft8 Tall and 165lb

I thought i would write a review as I've researched this to death and the reviews really helped me make a decision. I've always carried weight around my tummy and flanks I also have a tethered appendix scar which the surgeon released during the procedure. I've finally saved enough money to have... READ MORE

Pcod,Hypothyroidism & Obesity

I would start by saying i am the most happiest person today when i see myself in mirror. Seeing myself in this shape was a dream.So honestly all the pain is worth it.This is one such surgery that needs paitence to see the best results,if u have in it u then u wil see d best of what u r... READ MORE

Lipo Vaser God!

Hey guys, I just had my one year follow up with Dr Jung and I am beyond thrilled with my results. I had Hi Def Vaser lipo with Dr Jung and I can def say it was the best thing I had ever done. I was and am in good shape but no matter what I did I could never get the beloved 6 pack that I wanted... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo Thailand 3 areas

Have battled with weight / PCOS / eating disorders since age 16 and now 25 and finally healthy/fit and in a great head space. Unfortunately due to PCOSi had some very stubborn fat around my mid section even with heavy gym workouts + cardio 6-7 x a week. I decided have a holiday + surgery in... READ MORE

36 Year Old - Abdomen, flanks, and fat transfer to butt

Currently the appointments have been made for preop, surgery, and post operation. The experience has been all about the research at this point. Real self.com is a great website that provides all of the answers to the questions you have from doctors all around the world. My chosen provider has... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo Abs and Flanks

I am 8 weeks post op and very dissapointed. I am very athletic and go to the gym 5 times a week. i always struggled to shuft stubbotn belly fat. so after many years debating this i finally took the plunge. So far i am not happy. i see no difference in the amount of fat around my abdomin at all.... READ MORE

Graceful Contours - Norcross, GA

Today was procedure day. The staff was extremely professional and productive towards my needs. The procedure was communicated properly to me with timely updates. -7/19/16 Pics are before surgery 7/18/16. Not much pain involved with this procedure. I will keep everyone updated on my progress by... READ MORE

My Personal Experience with Vaser Lipo - Tulsa, OK

I'm 25 years old, 5'2", and 145 lbs. Before I had my baby I was 127lbs. I had to get an emergency c section 2 years ago which left me with an awkward scar that caused any excess skin or fat to hang over. I was sick and tired of not having the body I used to have so I decided to get a scar... READ MORE

Mid to High Def Vaser Everywhere - London, GB

I've always been fit, healthy and lean. I've had to work hard to stay in shape, and make the right food choices to keep myself lean, but for the past couple of years I've noticed a slow weight gain, particularly around my stomach that I just couldn't seem to shift? Maybe this coincided with me... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction

Im about to get vaser lipo done today and I'm soooooo nervous and also very excited at the same time. I've been waiting a long time for this and I've read about 10000 reviews on this website as well as others. These are my before pics. I have a huge problem with bloating and it's even more... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction - Mumbai, IN

Hey all, I am about a week away from traveling to Mumbai for Vaser liposuction. I'm getting nervous and some other people and some reviews have said that I should be taking an anti anxiety med and possibly some antibiotics before surgery. Is that common? Also, here are my pre surgery photos. I... READ MORE

Vaser Hidef - Katowice Poland -DR Mekle

Vaser Hidef to abdomen Vaser to, chest, flanks and lower back I will update further when surgery is complete but I booked through too medics Poland and their contact and help has been very good so far and I've read good reviews too. As got the surgeon himself, I've read good things about DR... READ MORE

Vaser in Istanbul

I have booked my surgery with Mcan Health in turkey dated : 13.10.2016. I am very much exited and also a bit of worrried. I am a male aged 32, Height 5 feet 11 inch with a weight of 92 ( Current ). last time I weighted below 85 was 10 yeras back. I am heavy build and do lots if weight lifting... READ MORE

Astonishing Results at Cosmos Clinic - Double Bay, AU

I am 49 years old female, architect, not much into fitness and gym, with 3 kids and after delivering of babies I had problem with fat around tummy, flanks, under bra and tights.Recently I lost weight with "banana diet" from 77 kg to 64 kg which resulted with loose skin on some areas (if you... READ MORE

Age: 26, H: 5"1, Arms, Elbows, Back, Love Handles, Abs, Thigh, Knees - Vaser Lipo and Breast Reduction

I'm planning to have Hi-Def VASER Liposuction and a Breast Reduction over the next 12-18 months. After losing 30lbs and getting much of my old body shape back, I've been left with small back rolls, larger love handles, a distended stomach and cellulite on my inner thighs. Ive been eating a... READ MORE

Cankles Ankle Lower Leg Calf Liposuction with PHOTOS

3 weeks to go til my surgery... I'm a bit scared, bit excited! There seems to be very few reviews on here for ankles , cankles or lower leg liposuction and even less done in Australia so my plan is to provide one! I'll be documenting my experience with photos too of course :) I'm getting ankle... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo with Dr Mike Comins, Abs and Flanks - London, GB

After battling with under bra rolls and pooch for all my life, always feeling chubby in tighter clothes finally took the plunge and decided on vaser lipo today! The procedure went well, I was sedated. The team was warm and welcoming and I have to say even though it was mild sedation...i was... READ MORE

Stubborn Fat Grr

Hi So I have been diagnosed last year with PCOS and well i think I have tried every diet under the sun to help it. Finally I am working with an amazing PT and he has helped me lose 8 kg in total. Prior to PCOS I was a very lean person actually too lean and maybe on the unhealthy scale. Earlier... READ MORE

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