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Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound energy to melt fat before it is removed through a thin tube called a cannula. This technique makes the fat easier to remove and may be especially useful in areas with larger volumes or denser fat. It also results in a less-aggressive procedure, which may lead to faster recovery times. This method does pose a risk for burns, and as with traditional liposuction, it's not intended to significantly reduce weight, but to address fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. LEARN MORE ›

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Age: 26, H: 5"1, Arms, Elbows, Back, Love Handles, Abs, Thigh, Knees - Vaser Lipo and Breast Reduction

I'm planning to have Hi-Def VASER Liposuction and a Breast Reduction over the next 12-18 months. After losing 30lbs and getting much of my old body shape back, I've been left with small back rolls, larger love handles, a distended stomach and cellulite on my inner thighs. Ive been eating a... READ MORE

Mid to High Def Vaser Everywhere - London, GB

I've always been fit, healthy and lean. I've had to work hard to stay in shape, and make the right food choices to keep myself lean, but for the past couple of years I've noticed a slow weight gain, particularly around my stomach that I just couldn't seem to shift? Maybe this coincided with me... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo Abs and Flanks

I am 8 weeks post op and very dissapointed. I am very athletic and go to the gym 5 times a week. i always struggled to shuft stubbotn belly fat. so after many years debating this i finally took the plunge. So far i am not happy. i see no difference in the amount of fat around my abdomin at all.... READ MORE

Cankles Ankle Lower Leg Calf Liposuction with PHOTOS

3 weeks to go til my surgery... I'm a bit scared, bit excited! There seems to be very few reviews on here for ankles , cankles or lower leg liposuction and even less done in Australia so my plan is to provide one! I'll be documenting my experience with photos too of course :) I'm getting ankle... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo with Dr Mike Comins, Abs and Flanks - London, GB

After battling with under bra rolls and pooch for all my life, always feeling chubby in tighter clothes finally took the plunge and decided on vaser lipo today! The procedure went well, I was sedated. The team was warm and welcoming and I have to say even though it was mild sedation...i was... READ MORE

Stubborn Fat Grr

Hi So I have been diagnosed last year with PCOS and well i think I have tried every diet under the sun to help it. Finally I am working with an amazing PT and he has helped me lose 8 kg in total. Prior to PCOS I was a very lean person actually too lean and maybe on the unhealthy scale. Earlier... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction to 6 Areas - Istanbul, TR

For me it was a very easy decission to do the surgery with Dr Özge Ergün as 2 of my best friends had surgeries with him (Breast Augmentation and Abdominoplasty). The only problem for me was the timing as I am working and I had to travel to Istanbul for 1 week.Finally on 22nd June I did the s... READ MORE

46 Years Old, 5 Ft 3 ", 126 Pounds- Vaser Lipo to Inner, Outer & Front of Thighs - Birmingham, GB

So, like many of you lovely ladies on here, I have been an exercise junky for many years- In particular I love resistance training and pumping iron! I too,have also done crazy dieting in the past in pursuit of trying to attain 'the perfect body' ( it doesn't exist by the way!)...However, for me... READ MORE

Perfect Result Six Pack by Vaser Liposuction in Bangkok, Thailand - Thailand, TH

Hi all, today I will share my experience about tummy vaser liposuction. Actually, I would like to absorbed my fat out only, but Dr.Darin Muangthai(The SIB clinic plastic surgeon in Bangkok, Thailand) showed me her old patient’s picture about hi definition vaser and its can be six pack!!!. S... READ MORE

52yr Old Female Vaser Lipo on upper/lower abdomen, flanks & inner thighs

Others posts helped me so thought I'd share as I go thru my process. I will post photos later. I had my vaser lipo done yesterday on upper & lower abdomen, flanks, & inner thigh, surgery time 2 1/2 - 3 hrs. got home about 5pm. I'll start off saying the only other thing I've had done was... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo/Smart Lipo for 23-year-old

I had laser liposuction on my abdomen and flanks at the Elk Grove Medical Spa (now Precision MD) on February 4, 2017. The staff were friendly and there was no pressure during the consultation. They made me feel safe and welcome. I received a combination of Vaser Lipo and SmartLipo Triplex. The... READ MORE

Doctor Klos - Krakow - Poland - Amazing!!!

Despite being very active (exercise in one form or another every day - mainly weights - cycling to work - and High Intensity cardio sessions) I have never been able to shake a ring of fat around my stomach and flanks - I would always lose muscle weight before the stomach fat would go - and sure... READ MORE

Reviews of Vaser Liposuction 5 Liters by APEX Medical Center

I am a fat girl since birth due to heredity. When I was young I often play sports that to use a heavy leg and this is the problem that gives me big and strong leg. but I’m not ok cause I want to have a small leg like the other women. This is the first time to remove fat from the upper arms and t... READ MORE

39yrs Old with 2 Kids and over my Belly

So after several years of thinking how much I would love to stop sucking in my stomach, I finally decided to do something about it. I have had 2 consultations, 1st with Mya two years ago and was quoted around £5000.And 2nd about a month ago either The Private Clinic, London Harley street, ... READ MORE

38yr, 1 Kid, 5'0" Lipo with Vaser, Upper/Lower Tummy with Flanks and Love Handles

Even at my lowest weight my belly was still there. Gained 20 lbs when I had a kid. It been losing and gaining the same 20 lbs since I had a kid. After a long discussion with hubby we agreed to get lipo done. We are not having any more kids and I want to look HOT. I want to feel good about... READ MORE

43years 4kids in Need of Vaser Lipo. Baton Rouge, LA

Just want a flat tummy after having kids.I been wanting to get it done for a few years now.I visited my first Doc on last Wed,and I will visit a few more before its all said and done.I wanted to get my butt done at the same time,but so far the Doc here in Louisiana are pretty expensive.I didnt... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Removal

I'm a 20 year old male, my height is 6ft and I weight between 75-80kg (fluctuates between this figure quite regularly). I've had Gynecomastia since puberty, which has further grown over the course of the last 5 years. I was able to hide this with fairly comfortable compression shirts, however... READ MORE

My Personal Experience with Vaser Lipo - Tulsa, OK

I'm 25 years old, 5'2", and 145 lbs. Before I had my baby I was 127lbs. I had to get an emergency c section 2 years ago which left me with an awkward scar that caused any excess skin or fat to hang over. I was sick and tired of not having the body I used to have so I decided to get a scar... READ MORE

20 Years Old Vaser-Lipo (Thighs, Hips, Back, Calves and Buttocks) - Not Had the Operation Yet

I am a 20 year old University student. I used to be 42 kilos 2 years ago. When I started university, I got the implant and because I wasn't living at home, I ate so much junk food that I gained 17 kilos in the last 2 years. When I gained weight I started hating myself and how I looked, my old... READ MORE

47 Yrs Old. Vaser Lipo on Lower/upper Abs, Flanks, Back (Bra)

Always worked out and was always fit. Went into early menopause at age 39 causing no hormones and no metabolism. As much as I worked out, I could not get rid of the tire tube around mid section. Has vaser lipo and feel amazing! Was tired of covering up at the pool and not wearing cute... READ MORE

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