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Vaginoplasty involves tightening of the vaginal wall, specifically at the entry point to the vagina. Incisions are made on the inside of the vagina.

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33yo, 2 Children, Much Needed Vaginal Rejuvenation (Vaginoplasty + Labia Majora Reduction)

I want to start off by saying I love my Dr! He has been nothing short of amazing thus far. Since the procedure everything has been going well besides one thing. One of my labia majora is swelling and continues to swell :( I'm icing it regularly but nothing seems to help. I was told this is... READ MORE

43yrs Old I Want to Feel Normal Again

Well that's it, I've booked it, not looking forward to the recovery period, scared it's going to take a long painful time, but it will be worth it. Nothing is worth feeling like this. Or more to the point not feeling anything... void of enjoyment for my partner and for me and knowing it's me, is... READ MORE

Vaginal Tightening & Labiaplasty NO KIDS.

I can't believe I'm writing this review. I'm literally posting photos of my vagina, but for this community I'll do it. Today was my surgery date. I chose this doctor because she answers questions without making you feel stupid. I am not in much pain but that's probably because of anesthesia. I... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Miscarriage Before, my Vagina Was Cut Open by a Woman Doctor in Viet Nam 3 Years Ago. It Was Mentality Horrified.

Dr. David Ghozland is a wonderful surgeon! I've got no pains at all, healed very fast or I am blessed. I am a strong believer, I prayed to Christ that which doctor should I go to? And I found Dr. Ghozland when browsing on google and then signed up on Real Self because I wanted to follow him,... READ MORE

doing it for me - Dominican Republic, DO

I have been on this site for 2yrs. I would like to have a tummy tuck with muscle repair and breast lift with out implants, and a vaginoplasty.. I have decided on Dr mollol. My sx date is December 16th 2016. Question have anybody had a vaginoplasty by dr.mollol.? So for I am impressed with Dr... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 6 Vaginal Births. San Antonio, TX

Hi, I am having surgery on Friday. I will post before and after pics. I'm having the posterior wall tightened and all of the levator muscles tightened. It's an 8 week recovery and I'm nervous! I met for my pre op appt on the 28th and I'm scheduled for December 9th. I feel confident because my... READ MORE

35 Yr Old Mother of 3, Suffered 4th Degree Posterior Tears - Chicago, IL

I'm 5'2 and 115 lbs. 1st vag delivery was to a healthy 7lb baby, no problem. 15 months later my 2nd delivery was to a 9.9 lb baby where he was stuck for 3 hours in hard labor resulting in 4th degree posterior tears. Awful! I suffered fecal incontinence and would pass gas uncontrollably for the... READ MORE

Decided to Need a Makeover Down There

On 12/27, I went to get surgery for vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. Still in so much pain. Doctor decided to do inside and outside. Still healing and hoping turn out well. My concern is the snitches too tight that make the bubble shapes. Any tips if bubble shape will disappear? Also how to... READ MORE

I Did It!!! I Had my Vaginoplasty Surgery!! Santa Monica, CA

This whole process has been a journey so I will start at the beginning. I am 38 and have been going thru perimenopause the past two years but up until recently it only affected my menstrual cycles and caused night sweats, basically nothing life changing. I started a new relationship about a... READ MORE

Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty and Perineoplasty - Davis, CA

I am a 31 mother to 1 who gave birth via emergency c-section. Due to being teased about a large labia, I had a labiaplasty a year after my son was born. I was somewhat confident with my labia after, so I considered it a success. Fast forward a couple years, I go through a nasty divorce and my ex... READ MORE

I'm Having a Vaginoplasty Labiaplasty and bladder sling done May 17th - Portland, OR

When I had consulted with Dr. Rosenfield before, I was told that if I have a desk job, one week off would be enough. After reading all these reviews, I am getting concerned that I haven't scheduled enough time off. I have someone to help me for a week but I am on my own after that. I am also... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 2 Kids, Can't Wait for my Vaginoplasty! - Houston, TX

I had been considering a vaginoplasty for years after having two vaginal births, one with an episiotomy, and one that left me torn. I was always self conscious about my vaginal tone after having kids because I could tell it just wasn't the same anymore. Even though my husband thinks I'm crazy to... READ MORE

Mother of 5, 53 Years Old. Laguna Beach, CA

I've been married for 24 years and have 5 children, all births were vaginal deliveries. I had some of my babies at home, the first was 10 lbs 2 ounces and tore me terribly. My husband and I have an amazing sex life and I wanted the way my vagina looked to be in step with the pleasure it gives... READ MORE

Vaginoplasty, Vaginal Repair and Labiaplasty - Fat Transfer for Vaginal Walls for Increased Sensation - San Diego, CA

I was having urinary incontinence when sneezing and coughing, my bladder was prolapsed a little, so was my cervical wall, towards the rectum i had a floppy side where air would get in when i had intercourse or do yoga causing embarrassing vaginal farting, plus sensation wise when i was having... READ MORE

22 Year Old Vaginolpasty and Breast Augmentation. Toronto, ON

I am 22 years old and wanted to always do a breast augmentation since I could remember due to the shape of my breasts. I used to be I believe a C 36 and now I am about a D. I don't know my exact size because I haven't bought bras yet. I am a month and two weeks deep right now after surgery and... READ MORE

Almost Killed Me!!!! - New York, NY

Almost killed me Doo NOT go to this doctor because of his cheap prices!!!!!!!! go to a hopsital with an actual certified board of plastic surgery surgeon this man isn't certified by the American board so he can't even use general anesthesia just local. I had a vaginoplasty with him which was... READ MORE

26 Year old Vaginal tightening and lipo. (Dr Rojas-Dr Almonte) Dominican Republic, DO

Hi guys. I decided to write a review because of how much help reviews gave to me. I have always had a list of a few proderures i wanted.... the first was tummy tuck and the second is vaginalplasty and rhinoplasty.Last year I went to santo Domingo and I have a tummytuck and lipo with Dr Fatimah... READ MORE

40 Years Old, 3 Kids...and Feel 20 Again (Literally:-) - Englewood, CO

Cannot say enough about this amazing man and his incredible staff (Jackie, Brandy, Wendy and Andrea)... This is a doctor whose field is about as hard as it gets in which to accomplish a scenario where it feels comfortable to have an appt..much less go through surgical options with frank... READ MORE

25 Yr, 2 Vaginal Births - Houston, TX

My husband first mentioned to me I had become loose about a year after my second child was born. I was devastated because I had been doing kegels since before my son was born to help with delivery and return things to normal afterwards. After some research I realized kegels do not always work... READ MORE

Vagina In Red Bottoms -Tulsa, OK

After long thought I decided after speaking with my husband and Doctor to get Vaginal Repair Labiaplasty I was knew growing up that something was not quite right in my vaginal area only to find out once I was married that at the age of 4 years I was raped by 2 grown men. After going through the... READ MORE

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