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Male-to-female (MTF) vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves converting penile and scrotal tissue into a vagina, clitoris, and labia. It’s usually combined with labiaplasty to further refine the external appearance of the vagina. The procedure should allow patients to have sexual intercourse and orgasm.

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Transwoman - SRS/GRS with Dr Brassard in Montreal Canada - Montréal-nord, QC

In October 12 2016 I will be going through sex reassignment surgery or gender confirming surgery in Montreal Canada with Dr. Pierre Brassard. Im hoping for a natural looking vulva... with a decent depth and sensation. Hoping for at least 5.5 inches depth. as im writing this, it is still 48 days... READ MORE

Colonvaginoplasty with Dr.Sutin at Pai (Thailand)

The experience with PAI and piyavate hospital's team was great. Dr Sutin is the kindest doctor I've ever met and in my opinion he is an excellent surgeon. With him I've also had breast augmentation and forehead reduction, everything is great! I really thank this doctor for having made me a 100%... READ MORE

Integrated Approach - Reno, NV

From as far back as I can remember my school years; my thought and behavior patterns did not fit those of the boys around me even though in genital terms, which were all that folks at the time considered, I was a boy. The girls and boys in my class soon picked up that something odd was going on... READ MORE

Inner Labia Reconstruction, Clitoral Hood Correction and Urethraplasty with Repositioning - Thailand

I originally had my Gender Confirmation surgery performed 25 years with Australia's best surgeon. Also having many correction procedures with him to try to achieve the best result possible. About 7 surgeries in total. But I was not completely satisfied with the result; but it looked very good as... READ MORE


Being in transition is lot of work and stress, I have started my transistion at the age of 26 and since then to now, I can recall all the pain and efforts I have made in becoming what I should be at birth, Today when I close my eyes to look back in the time, I can recall I was very complaining... READ MORE

Dr. Sutin/Dr. Preecha PAI Institute - Bangkok

I just donne my operation in PAI institute with Dr. Preecha and Dr. Sutin in Thailand/Bangkok Dr. Preecha was the teatcher from most of surgeons in Thailand he is the master of Sex Redesigment Surgery more of 30 years of experience. I am really very happy with all, its was amazing, Thailand... READ MORE

Sex Reassignment Surgery: Stage 1 Completed! - Idaho

The discomfort felt from my testicles had for several years bothered me....often preventing sleep. After considering options and timelines, rather than wait another year due to making time in work it seemed best to explore options. Knowing that my end goal was MTF Vaginoplasty, I hesitated... READ MORE

Dr Suporn Primary SRS and Subsequent Cosmetic Revisions - Thailand, TH

Having spent many years consulting with some of the worlds most highly respected SRS surgeons I had finally come to a fully informed professional conclusion that Dr Suporn in Chonburi Thailand was the only one that guaranteed my expected outcome of a fully functioning neo vagina that would be... READ MORE

Never Thought That I Would Be Having Gender Correction Surgery in This Life - India

Never thought that I would be having gender correction surgery in this life. After being fed up with the guidelines in USA , years of waiting period and expensive surgery I had left all the hope of becoming what I am and to find my true identify. One of my friend who got SRS successfully in... READ MORE

Had 8 Inch Deep Vagina... Thank You Dr Kaushik - India

Had an 8 Inch Deep Vagina... What can I say but a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone at OLMEC for all your LOVE & care during the last 3 weeks and extra special THANKS to my AWESOME consultation surgeon who has made all my dreams come true in short period and highest level of expertise, care and... READ MORE

Thank You Dr Kaushik for a New Life at 65 Years... Feels Like I Am Born Today - India

I must thank Dr. Kaushik without an affordable option for Sex Reassignment Surgery, I would still be stuck in the awful in between state. The clinic takes great care to see to your health and will not put you to risk. It was worth it to travel half way around the world from the south western... READ MORE

Dr Suporn Chonburi, Thailand

For those who are wondering how my journey is going, well let's say I have about 4 more days from this post and I go back to my lovely villa with my hubby and puppy. But I can say this journey is such difficult one. Dr Suporn / And his staff are so much welcoming and nice they are here 24hrs... READ MORE

MTF Gender Reassignment - Melbourne, AU

My initial surgery was performed in Jan 2015. A revision procedure was performed in Jul 2015 to resize the labia to correct an asymmetric appearance, remove some granulation tissue and attempt to increase the depth/girth of the vaginal cavity. As of Oct 2015 I am still on the no 2 of 5 dilator... READ MORE

SRS - Chonburi, Thailand

Incredible experience. Best patient care I've ever had. Dr Suporn pioneered this procedure and it is far superior to the penile inversion technique used in the US (and developed in the 1960's). Check out Dr Suporn's website in detail if you are considering having this done, all of the specifics... READ MORE

My SRS at The Kamol Hospital

I had a very successful SRS procedure at the Kamol Hospital Feb 2017. The results are far beyond my expectations and I realize that as I am not even 3 months post-op there is still al lot of healing to be done. The Hospital is a state or the art facility with the most caring and attentive staff... READ MORE

Late 30 Year Old Looking for Best Doctors in the Areas for SRS from MTF - Dallas, TX

Howdy everyone! How are you guys doing? I know it has been awhile since I get on here. I've been so busy with daily life and after my breast augmentation/Adam apple shaved. It has been little over a year since my first two surgeries. So far I'm very happy with the outcome, but my neck it still... READ MORE

Happy Ever After.

Every one was greathe, including hotel, clinic, hospital. Made many friends from around the world. Spent many fun filled hours at clinic. Loved their great drinks. You're there a month, all prescriptions and follow up for that month is included! The monrh you're there is fun and goes quick.... READ MORE

I Would Highly Recommend This SRS Sigmoid Colon to ANYONE As my Results is in Excellect Shape!

I'm a 24 y.o MTF from Australia. My background is Vietnamese & Chinese. So I recently decided to have my SRS here at Olmec hospital in India instead of other places like Thailand or back at my country because the Before & After results was a phenomenon throughout the website unlike any... READ MORE

No Result

Doctor Narendra Kaushik Is one of the most friendly doctor i have ever encounter . I trusted him for my treatment but it has been several month but i can't see any diffence iam highly disappointed. Each penny for the treatment is totally not worth it :( Iam totally unsatisfied . I thought i... READ MORE

SRS with Dr. Kamol - Thailand, TH

Sono finalmente giunta alla fine del mio viaggio e torno a casa contenta. Certo l'intervento é stato pesante e anche abbastanza doloroso, ma ho trovato un ambiente accogliente e del personale gentile e qualificato. Anche i miei genitori hanno espresso un giudizio più che positivo sulla loro p... READ MORE

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