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30 Years Old with One Kid. I Was Extremely Uncomfortable with the Way I Looked As Well As Pain During Intercourse.

I love it now. I'd say my Dr. did a wonderful job!!!!! I'm only a week post op. I cannot wait to feel normal again. I really miss my work out routine. I look forward to being confident enough to have a relationship some day soon. This was absolutely worth it for me!!!! It looks sooo much better... READ MORE

Perineoplasty, FemiLift for 38 Y.o. After Traumatic Childbirth. Santa Monica, CA

I had a baby at 24 years old. I was induced and after a long labor, had an episiotomy. Everything healed great and I was able to enjoy sex and achieve orgasm easily after he was born. Fast forward 11 years and I was pregnant with my second child at 35. This delivery was not so smooth. The... READ MORE

Perineoplasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction After Previous Labiaplasty - Bellevue, WA

I had labiaplasty done a month ago by a local doctor where I live. He did a nice job but unfortunately we did not discuss everything that needed to be done and as a result I now need additional surgery and downtime. Dr. Marosan at Bellvue Plastic Surgeons replied to my question on Real Self. I... READ MORE

25 Year Old Female with 2 Kids vaginal and needed perineoplasty surgery

I had a vaginal tear back in 2011 which I had my last child at UMC hospital and I was sewed up. Afterwards I started having so many complications with constipation and not being able to hold my bowel or urine it would just come on out. I was going to different doctors and having all kinds of... READ MORE


I had a hysterectomy over 10 years ago. It was supposed to be a vaginal surgery, however, afterwards I discovered I had been cut in my vaginal area. It was quite a large cut that was never stitched up. The doctor assured me that it would heal correctly without stitches. It did heal, but I now... READ MORE

Yay!!!!! I'm so happy!!!! Amazing Doctor and staff!!!!!

Fantastico! I had such an amazing experience. The staff was so cheerful and professional. Dr Ghozland *High5* everyday! Thank you! Thank you! He understood my needs and concerns perfectly, even the ones I was to embarrased to mention. I am so happy with my results. I have no regrets other than... READ MORE

Great experience - Frisco, TX

I recommend Doc. Aimee 100%. she is an amazing doctor, and i am happy o know her. I had loose skin between vaginal hole and anus .it is quite embarrassing. AM GONNA BE HONEST my family doctor recommended doc. Aimee for me. i was like okay let me go and check this doc, i read all reviews... READ MORE

Best Surgeon Ever - Alpharetta, GA

Dr. Robert Moore has the best bed side manner of any surgeon I have ever encountered. His work is amazing, when he was finished I looked and felt 15 again; and I have had three children. He and his staff are very professional and compassionate. I had perineoplasty d/t problems facilitating a... READ MORE

51 Year Old , 2 Vaginal Deliveries Needed Rectocele/perineoplasty - Bayonne, NJ

I had started experience a suddenly loose feeling in my vagina and had problems going #2 which was a sign of a medical problem called rectocele or pelvic organ prolapse. Many women don't like to talk about it or have no clue and it gets overlooked by a routine gynecologist visit. I ended up... READ MORE

Posterior Colporrhaphy and Perineoplasty - Paris, FR

After a difficult delivery where I was torn, my sexual life became a nightmare so I decided for a vaginoplasty. Searching for half an year for a surgeon in Europe ( which is not an easy thing to find a surgeon able to do a vaginoplasty in Europe...), I finally decided to be operated by Dr... READ MORE

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