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How Can I Relieve the Itching That Originates Deep Below the Surface but the Skin is Numb After TT?

I've always had a small area that stayed numb after my tummy tuck 6 yrs ago. I sometimes got itch-like feelings that seemed to originate far below... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction from Surgical Glue?

I am a 42 years old female. I had a tummy tuck 8days ago and I have a severe allergic reaction from the surgical glue. My surgeon put me on steroid... READ MORE

10 Years After Tummy Tuck, What Causes Occasional Internal Itching Sensation?

At least once a year I get an internal itching sensation around my navel and the area of the stomach muscles. Now I have read many, many reports of... READ MORE

Is Itching Expected After Tummy Tuck?

Hi, I am planning to get my tummy tuck done and doing lots of research on the same. I just came across posts about itching after tummy tuck. Many of... READ MORE

Itching and Red Along Incision?

I am almost 2wks PO (TT and lipo of flanks). I have redness, extreme itching, and slight swelling along incision. Hoping their I'd no infection trying... READ MORE

Terrible Itching 3 Years After Tummy Tuck

I have this deep down itching, which I would say is still severe after 3 years. It is usually worse at night and feels horrible. The itching is the... READ MORE

Incision Itching at 6 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck. What Can I Do?

I am 6 weeks post op tummy tuck and my incision is itching like crazy. What can I do? READ MORE

What Causes Itching After 5 Years from a Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck in 2006. Now I have intermittent itching around the navel area. It drives me crazy. I found a forum about this and could not... READ MORE

Need Info on Tummy Tuck Post-op. Is Severe Itching Normal?

I am planning to get my tummy tuck done and doing lots of research on the same. I just came across posts in which people who have undergone TT have... READ MORE

Is It Normal For My Stomach To Be Lumpy Hard an Uneven After TT?

I Had a Full TT an Lipo on March 5 2013.. my Stomach is Lumpy Hard an Uneven. is This Normal. My tummy is uneven an it looked better when I frst had... READ MORE

Itching Under Skin After Tummy Tuck

I have itching under my skin driving me crazy I had a tummy tuck almost 2 years ago help READ MORE

Could MRSA Sores Be Related to Non-absorbable Sutures from TT?

Hi, I had a breast red. & TT 4 yrs ago, then surgery for an internal abscess from the TT. 2 yrs later - ab lump surgically removed, that turned... READ MORE

Nerve Sensation and Severe Itching 14 Months Post Tummy Tuck is This Normal?

I had a tummy tuck 14 months ago and yesterday I woke up with a nerve or tingling sensation to the right side of my belly button. Today it has gotten... READ MORE

Why does my belly button smell after showering and why do I have pain and itchiness more than a year after tummy tuck?

I had a revision last April 2013 for "dog ears" and belly button hole was too small. 1yr after the revision, belly button smells after I shower and... READ MORE

Did my Surgeon Use the Wrong Suture on my Tummy Tuck?

After a tummy tuck, some 6+ years ago, I developed a very swollen, painful and hard area over my pubic bone. My doc said it was scar tissue and would... READ MORE

Sensitive Scars? (photo)

After visiting my PS regarding scars 4 months after TT and Breast lift, he adminstered Steroid injections as all my scars went Keloid After a day or... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Stitches

Was told by my PS that my stiches will disolve on its own and the strip placed on top of them will be removed in a week. They itch so much in each end... READ MORE

Why does my tummy tuck scar itch? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck 1 yr ago, the scar was about 1/4 inch thick evenly going across my tummy, after 8 months, my sutures are not dissolving very well,... READ MORE

Is There Anyway to Help Heal the Numbness After a Tummy Tuck? Its Been Almost 5 Years.

I am suffering with itching down my lower abdomen since my tummy tuck. But my skin is numb and I cant get to the itch. It makes me almost have a panic... READ MORE

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