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Lumps After SmartLipo MPX Related to Fat Reabsorption?

Five weeks ago, I had SmartLipo with the newer equipment that promotes the best skin tightening (MPX), which I see here is good.  Although my... READ MORE

What Should I Do After Smartlipo MPX to Have the Best Results?

Smartlipo upper/lower, flanks and "bra fat" 3 wks ago. No results thus far. I am still swollen and tender in my lower abs, and honestly I... READ MORE

Smart Lipo MPX Results Got Worse After 2 Weeks

I had MPX Smart Lipo done 2 weeks ago on stomach and flanks. A week ago I looked great stomach was super flat, flanks were perfect. But, now in week 2... READ MORE

Vaser High Definition After Smart Lipo MPX?

I recentley had my full abdomen and flanks done with Smart Lipo MPX. It has been 2 weeks and I haven't achieved any of the results I expected. I... READ MORE

Is Severe Bruising a Normal Side Effect of Smart Lipo MPX?

I had Smart Lipo MPX 3 days ago on the inner, outer thighs, knees upper thigh area, hip/butt and small pouch around belly button. I have severe... READ MORE

Exercise Routines After Smart Lipo MPX?

I had a Medial Thighs Smart Lipo MPX 4 days ago. What type of exercises are the best for me in this situation and which ones should I avoid? READ MORE

Regain Weight in Other Areas After Smartlipo MPX?

I had Smartlipo MPX on abs an flanks 3 days ago. I'm really swollen and bruised. I gained middle body weight because of menopause.Will I regain the... READ MORE

Is Frequent Urination a Side Effect of SmartLipo MPX?

Is it normal to pee EVERY hour after having Smart Lipo MPX Vaser procedure done? I got my 1st Smart Lipo done 5 days ago and another touch-up this... READ MORE

Bigger Belly After Smartlipo Still After Almost 3 Weeks, How Long Before for It Will Shrink And/or Heal?

I had Smartlipo MPX 18 days ago, knees, inner thighs and upper and lower abdomen, a total of 600cc from these areas was removed. I am ideal body... READ MORE

Possible Nerve Damage from Smart Lipo MPX

I had Liposuction with Laser MPX (Smart Lipo MPX) in my hip area. It has been almost 6 months and I am still in discomfort. I'm experiencing tingling... READ MORE

Can Fat Grafts Be Used to Fix Over-Corrected Smartlipo Results?

About 6 months ago I had Smartlipo mpx to my face. The sagging fat on my jawline was corrected but left one side irregular and narrow. My question is... READ MORE

What Are Possible Causes for a Stomach Not Being Flat After the Removal of 2000cc's? (photo)

I had liposuction of my stomach and flanks 16 months ago, but despite the removal of 2000 cc's my stomach is not flat. I'm not overweight (5'2",... READ MORE

Is There a Chance of Fat Embolism or PE 10 Days After Smartlipo Performed on 3 Small Areas?

Is there a chance of fat embolism or PE 10 days after Smartlipo performed on 3 small areas? I have been active and walking 1-2 hours every day. Am I... READ MORE

Can Liposuction Cause Long Term Pain in Hips Month After Surgery?

My friend had a tummy tuck with lipo in feb. she says she has trouble sleep as her legs and hips get sore. READ MORE

I read a 10 lb weight gain after smart lipo can cause lumps and they are nearly impossible to lose. Is it true?

I am 52, 5, 7" have weighed approx. 110 pounds for at least 20 years. I have a very clean and consistent diet and work out daily with heavy strength... READ MORE

Does Utrasound Really Help Dissolve Internal Scar Tissue?

I had smartlipo on abdomen over a year ago, had revision done 6 months on my right side due to harness and lumps. What I ended up with is hardness and... READ MORE

6 Days After I Develop Large Pink Spot on my Back. No Fever. Can That Still Be Infection or Skin Burn or Burn of Tissues Under?

I had SmartLipo MPX done on 3 areas bra rolls, hands and one knee side. Total fat removed 600cc. Currently 6 days after I develop large pink spot on... READ MORE

Post Fractional CO2 Laser Problems?

Hi, I had Smartxide CO2 laser treatment done on my cheeks for acne scars over 6 weeks ago and my cheeks are just covered in streak lines that are... READ MORE

Smartlipo - 8 Weeks Post and Little Change?

Before: Healthy weight/shape before (5'8"/140#/size 6) Procedure: Abs/flanks/inner thighs Smartlipo, cost (with discount) $10,500 Complication:... READ MORE

After Smartlipo, any chance to correct laxity? (Photo)

I spent about 3 years dieting & walking to lose 55lbs&as a "reward" to myself last year, I decided to have SmartLipo MPX done on my abdomen& mon pubis... READ MORE

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