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Steroid Injections for Decreasing Nose Bridge Height?

I am an Asian female, and I had an open revision rhinoplasty using rib graft, done over 6 months ago. I think the level of the bridge is too high. I... READ MORE

Small Pimples on Nose 4 Weeks Post Revision Rhinoplasty

Hello. I had a revision four weeks ago and I have only noticed in the last week or so that my nose is getting very congested and I have alot of small... READ MORE

Dent On Nose Bridge: Do I Need a Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty a year ago next month. All the swelling has gone down. But, now there is a "dent" along the right side of the bridge... READ MORE

How Hard is It to Fix an Open Roof Deformity?

How difficult would it be to fix a rhinoplasty open roof deformity in revision rhinoplasty? Would the entire nose need to be re-arranged or could this... READ MORE

Bad Nose Job- Seeking Revision.

Hello, I had a nose job about a year ago and I'm unhappy with my results. Should I seek revision? Also, what exactly is wrong with my nose? Why is... READ MORE

Rib and Fascia Vs Ear Cartilage to Fix a Scoop

I have a collapsed nasal valves,scooped bridge,and upturnrd tip from a primary rhino.I went on 2 consults for revision. One Dr suggested using ear... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty question - adding cartilage?

I just saw a surgeon and he told me that my bridge is too thin (I agree and I hate it) and my tip is bulbous and it lacks support. He said he will... READ MORE

Safe to Have Revision Two Months After Primary Rhinoplasty?

Soon after my cast came off I noticed a small bump on the left side of my bridge. It's very hard and feels like bone. After meeting with my doctor... READ MORE

What else Needs to Be Addressed for Third Revision Rhinoplasty?

Going to have my 3rd surgery soon. The worst angle is the one looking down at my nose (if you were taller). Not sure if there's bump on the left-side... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - Lengthened and Less Nostril Show

I recently had rhinoplasty and am very unhappy with the results.My surgeon said he would do it again but i worry he could end up messing it up more.... READ MORE

Very Self Conscious of Nose Since Rhinoplasty.

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty a year ago as I had a wide tip.I wanted a more defined bridge and tip,but have ended up with the appearence of a flat bridge... READ MORE

Can I Have the Bridge Rasped Without Anesthesia? Would Be 2nd Time.

I just can't ask family members to drive me home yet again! I had the bump on my nose from the broken bone, build up after the initial rhinoplasty. I... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty to Make Nose Bridge More Masculine?

Can a small bridge be rebuilt into a higher, more masculine one (by an experienced surgeon) through Revision Rhinoplasty? By how much is this possible? READ MORE

Nose Bridge Too Soft and No Definition After Revision?

Hi, I had a silicone nose implant in for 2 years taken out on November 29, 2010 because it shifted to the right & was a little too "big"... READ MORE

Augmented Nose Bridge Still Off-center After Revision (9 Days Post Op)

Oct '08, I got an L-shaped silicone implant in my nose. Closed Rhino. The implant shifted to the right over time. I got a revision rhino on... READ MORE

What Are My Options Of Making My Bridge Wider With Revision Rhinoplasty?

What can you tell me about the current nose I have now? What's wrong with it (what can you see from the picture of course? Also, to make the... READ MORE

How Soon After Rhinoplasty and Infection Can Revision Be Done?

I am 17 days post-op asian rhinoplasty. I am fighting infection for 2 weeks. The implant bent to the right side and bridge looks crooked. My doctor... READ MORE

Did I put a permanent dent in my nose from wearing glasses after Rhinoplasty?

It's been almost three weeks since I had rhinoplasty, and today I wore glasses for the first time for a few hours. I normally wear contacts but my... READ MORE

What is Alternative to Silicone Implant? Rib Cartilage Safe?

Hi, I got my rhinoplasty about a year ago in another country but i have been seeing redness and white color near 2mm is silicone placed in my nose... READ MORE

Can Grafts Give Nose Tip a 90-degree Angle?

I had previously undergone rhinoplasty, but the tip of my nose is turned up way more than 100 degrees and my nose looks very short. Plus, I have weak... READ MORE

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