If the Implant Has Moved is It Possible to Reposition It Without Replacing the Existing Iimplant?

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Can #Calf Implant move post-surgery? Toronto Calf augmentation Experience

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Thank you for your question.  Any implant has the possibility to move yet it is relatively rare.  If the calf implant was put under the fatty tissue, it is more likely to move.  This is why most of us place the implants under the muscle fascia (I have done approximately 120 calf augmentations in Toronto Canada). They cannot easily move as they are bound by the fascia.  Rarely however, a capsular contracture can occur (1-3%) and this can shift the implant.  In those cases, it is recommended to change the implant.  It has to do with the biofilm theory of capsular contracture.  See my video on body implants.  Hope this helps!  Dr. Marc DuPere, Toronto Plastic Surgeon Board-Certified.

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Reposition of a calf implant....

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If the implant is in good condition and intact, it is generally possible to reposition the implant without replacing it. That may entail changing the implant to a different plane, meaning placing the implant in a different pocket either under the current pocket, or under the muscle. In certain instances, the pocket can simply be closed to prevent displacement of the implant. This would have to be determined during a physical exam and at times decisions are made during the surgery as to the best new location or which procedure is going to be the best choice.

If the Implant Has Moved is It Possible to Reposition It Without Replacing the Existing Implant?

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This depends to some extent upon why the implant has moved and the current plane of placement.

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No the implant should never be reused

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Reusing an implant is against the manufacture guidelines. A malpostioned implant should first be removed, the wound must heal and 3 to 4 months later a new implant should be placed in a proper pocket. 

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Calf Implant Surgery

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I think you are asking about calf, not breast implants.

Correcting a calf implant that has shifted depends on where it is and why it shifted.

  • is it under the skin or the muscle fascia
  • how large is it
  • is the original implant pocket too small
  • is it shifting because of a seroma or infection

I would consider using the same implant if what is needed is a slightly larger pocket or putting the implant to under the fascia. I would not use the same implant if it's the wrong size or infection or chronic seroma are present. .

Hope this helps!



Breast implant revision

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In the US it is recommended that breast implants are one time use.

Taking the implant out, and repairing the pocket, while the implant is in an antibiotics bath, and reinserting back. There is the risk that the shell of the implant will be weakened by removing and reinserting. Plus the risk of contamination.

Samir Shureih, MD
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