Can You Feel Calf Implants?

Can you feel calf implants in your legs? Does it feel like there is something constantly in there? Would it be uncomfortable moving around? Squatting? Crossing legs? Etc...

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Can You Feel Calf Implants?

Great Question. Once you are healed, your body acclimates to the implant and you don't feel, and are not aware of the implant in place. Much like any implant including breast implants, a chin implant, cheek implants, etc., you are not aware of the implant in place. As far as being palpable, or being able to feel them by touch, you will feel them if you are trying and looking to feel them, However, just casually touching your leg or crossing your legs, you will not. I am also refering to implants that are from extra soft silicone, finely tapered at the edges and properly placed. There are still implants that made from a more firm silicone and have rounded, rather than finely tapered edges and these will be more palpable. 

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Can you feel calf implants

If you have the new super-soft silicone calf implants, they are amazingly natural and you are very unlikely to feel them once you heal. Older, harder silicone implants can be felt and may occasionally show through the skin. best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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No you cannot feel calf implants in your legs.

Properly placed calf implants cannot be felt by the patient. Placement of the implants is very important because it defines the aesthetic balance of the legs. The implants get incorporated into the patient's body image to the point that patient's even forget they have had the calf augmentation surgery in the past. Routinely they have no restrictions after the initial healing of 6 weeks. Squatting, skiing, ice skating, crossing your legs and all activities done before can be resumed.To ensure the best results you should contact a board certified aesthetic plastic surgeon.


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Can feel implants by touch, not spontaneously

Much like a breast implant, calf implants can be felt manually, but not when you are just  "sitting around doing nothing."  The discomfort will be the worst during the first couple of days, then it will subside for the next few, when it will feel like you did a heavy squat session the night before.  After 6-8 weeks you can squat or cross you legs, and even run long distance if you like.  The advantage of calf implants is that it will actually give you the pumped look of gastroc muslce as opposed to fat transfer which will only simply increase the girth.

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Calf implants

Calf implants can be seen and felt. Depending on how thin the skin is.

Consider fat transfer.

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