Will Calf Implants Make Me Run Slower?

Will calf implants affect movement at all or decrease running speeds?

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Will calf implants make me run slower ?

Calf implants generally are not known to affect movement of your leg, but there are certainly no studies on calf implants and there effect on running speeds. Implants are controversial in competative sports, and generally placed for aesthetics. In placing calf implants, the muscle is not damaged or divided. However, the implant is in contact and resting in contact with the muscle. Does that have an effect that could impinge on running speed.... is unknown at thsi time.

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Calf implants and running speed

There is no research to answer your question.
Calf implants will change the shape of your legs
So there will be an aerodynamic effect
But studies of car design and of bird flight show that these effects are very complex and hard to predict.

In addition, there is pain after surgery, you will not be able to run for 6 weeks.
The pressure of the implant can conceivably affect the function of the muscle beneath.

If you are a high-level competitive runner, I would not consider having calf implants until after your top competition years are over. 

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Will Calf Implants Make Me Run Slower?

For all athletes who rely upon muscle performance, implants are always controversial issues. They will not make you run faster, but I am not sure how much they may decrease performance.

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Calf implants

I do not believe any study has been done on this topic. Therefore all answers are a quess.

Cosider fat transfer to the calves

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