Does touching your nose make it bigger over time?

Does everyday activity such as; touching, picking, washing, rubbing, itching, or bumping make your nose grow? Can it alter the bridge of your nose or cause a bump? Can it cause cartilage growth? Change the shape or make it fatter/wider? I need to know, it is driving me crazy.

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Does touching your nose make it bigger over time?

Of course not. The only thing proven to change your nose size is not telling the truth. I think there is a story about that somewhere:))

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Does touching your nose make it bigger over time?

Hello and thanks for your question.
Trauma or pulling and stretching ligaments and supporting tissue can affect it, but the most important factor is genetics. The underlying structures of cartilages and bone as well as skin can affect the shape. After nasal surgery you should limit touching your nose. Cleaning the nose or scratching it lightly would be ok.
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Does Touching Your Nose Make It Bigger Over Time?

It is usually advised by the surgeon that you should limit touching, picking your nose after rhinoplasty. If you keep disturbing your nose by putting pressure in touching, rubbing, picking, this will affect the nose after a rhinoplasty causing a change in the shape of what was planned because the ligaments will be stretched, cartilage and bone may be distorted.

Colin Hong, MD
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Pulling your nasal tip downward may lead to an elongated nasal appearance.

The effects of gravity on the face do not spare the nose, and many people experience a longer nasal appearance with aging, Gravity persistently pulls the tip of your nose down, along with many other facial soft tissues. Manual downward force on the tip of your nose may stretch the ligaments from your bridge to your tip leading to a bigger appearance.Hope this helps.Dr Joseph

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No. It takes fairly significant trauma to the nose to change its shape. The most important factor affecting size is genetics.

Robert H. Hunsaker, MD
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Does touching your nose make it bigger over time?

Lightly touching your nose to clean or scratch it will not cause changes in appearance. There may only be an issue if the nose is touched aggressively and pain results. The nasal appearance can also be changed by trauma to the nose. I hope this information helps, and I wish you the best of luck. 

Paul S. Nassif, MD
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It is possible, but unlikely

If you were to constantly touch or pick your nose, day and day out, its shape could certainly be affected. However, how it would be affected is unpredictable. The skin may thicken to lead to a more prominent appearance, your nostrils may stretch out, wrinkles may form in the skin, or other change can occur. Please note, though, that you would really need to do something that would be aggressive enough that it would essentially traumatize the nose.

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Does touching the nose make it bigger...

Dear Kevied123,

  • If you put enough pressure to cause pain in the nose, then there might be a change in it
  • In general, just touching the nose does not really change its shape

Nima Shemirani

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