Is It Safe to Swish with Hydrogen Peroxide to Whiten Teeth?

people saying that swishing with hydrogen peroxide can get your teeth really white. Will it actually whiten the teeth? Is it safe?

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Swishing wit hHydrogen Peroxide for Whitening

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The short answer - NO!  Please do not shich with Peroxide to whiten you teeth.  Teeth Bleaching agents state they have hydrogen peroxide in them but it is somewhat of a different delivery system.  Peroxide will clean you mouth but not whiten you teeth.  Also, please do not use Bleach to do this either.  I have seen it before and it is very dangerous as you could imagine.  Teeth bleaching at the dentist office is somewhat cheap these days compared to what it used to be. Usually between $150-300.  You can get a great result with take home bleaching and it usually takes about 10-14 days.  Please talk to your personal dentist about this and you will be pleased with the results! 

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Swishing with hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth

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I have some patients that swish with 3% hydrogen peroxide as a part of their hygiene program. This can whiten the teeth over time but may take months to years to notice a difference. If you are serious about whitening your teeth talk with your dentist and decide what is the best method for you. Professional teeth whitening is still the best most predictable way to bright white smile.

James D. Salazar, DDS
Encinitas Dentist

Hydrogen peroxide

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Swishing with hydrogen peroxide in very mild dose can keep the stains away but for whitening, you need a bit more prolonged action than 1 minute. So , it is safe in mouthwash forms (e.g. Peroxyl from Colgate ) but would not whiten teeth.

Can I Swish With Peroxide To Whiten

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You should never rinse with hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth!  This will not only not whiten your teeth, but you can do significant damage to your gums and lining of your mouth.  You can also disrupt the normal flora of bacteria in your mouth.  If you want to whiten please see your dentist for options.   

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Thanks for your question.

Swishing with a very low dose of hydrogen peroxide diluted with water can help keep stains off teeth but is definitely not the most effective or efficient way to whiten. In office whitening is still the gold standard and you can maintain your white smile at home with white strips. As an aside, instead of swishing with hydrogen peroxide try brushing with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. This will help keep stains from accumulating.

Good luck and follow us for more info!

Probably safe

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But it won't really do much.  While many people swish with hydrogen peroxide to treat their periodontal issues, the teeth won't get very white as a result.  There are some key factors at play, explained in the link:

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Swishing Safe to Whiten Teeth

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There are a couple things to consider.  Although one of the techniques of bleaching teeth involves the use of concentrated hydrogen peroxide especially formulated for dentists to use in the "in office bleaching technique", the effectiveness of using over the counter hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse to bleach your teeth is very ineffective. 

But, even more importantly, using hydrogen peroxide as a daily mouth rinse, and for that matter even mouth rinses that have alcohol in them, is contraindicated long term, and trying to use over the counter hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth would certainly require long term use to achieve any noticeable whitening at all.

I advise to stick with one of proven and tested techniques so that you an achieve the desired result in a safe and effective way.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

Peroxide rinses for teeth whitening

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Whitening of the teeth is a popular treatment with vast variety of whitening products available on the market nowadays. Majority of over-the-counter whitening products when used without professional supervision can harm the teeth and gum. Peroxide rinses are not effective for teeth whitening and can cause gum necrosis and major shift in oral microflora. Ask your dentist for professional whitening system to achieve stable safe long-term results. 

Hydrogen Peroxide rinses are Slow and may not be safe

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Hydrogen peroxide will whiten teeth, but it takes a long (think months to years) time.

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidant.   Many people spend a lot of money on anti-oxidants to reduce cellular damage, why risk putting an oxidant on the soft delicate tissues of  your mouth.

Yes, dental whitening products do contain hydrogen peroxide but it is packaged in such a way to contact teeth only, quickly and effectively.  Why take a risk when we have great, inexpensive alternatives?

Good Luck and a Healthy, Bright Smile

Madeleinne Zapantis, DMD
Long Island Dentist

Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide is unsafe.

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Absolutely not!  Hydrogen peroxide out of the bottle is not only ineffective in whitening teeth, but can damage your gums and the lining of your mouth.  Whitening products that contain hydrogen peroxide are specially formulated so as not to cause harm.  Ask your dentist what would work best for you. 

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

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