How Long After Whitening Teeth Can I Consume Staining Foods?

Had Beyond laser whitening. Only achieved 3-4 shades, the dentist gave me at home trays with 6% solution to help get a few more shades gradually. Told after the laser treatment not to eat staining foods for 24 hours.I have used it 2nights now & teeth definately look brighter but I have run out of white food in the house and ate some natural peanutbutter & cerlery as a snack 1/2hr ago. Is peanutbutter a no no after whitening? & is waiting 24hrs b4 staining food the rule for the at home tray too?

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Prevent Staining after teeth whitening

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Immediately after whitening your teeth are more sensitive to staining.  If you eat something that stains your teeth (i.e. peanut butter) just try to brush your teeth soon afterwards.  The first 48 hours after whitening are most critical.  But I believe your teeth are more prone to staining for the first two weeks.  Nobody is perfect, so just brush your teeth soon after eating something that stains your teeth.  Remember to drink anything that stains through a straw.  Good Luck!



Manhattan Dentist

Restaining after Teeth Bleaching

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We tell our patients to wait 48 hours following their whitening procedure before consuming liquids that can restain your teeth. Red wines, coffee, teas, etc. should be avoided during this time. If you must have any of these liquids make sure to drink them through a straw.

Staining after whitening

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Most dentists like for you to wait for minimum a few days.  Bleachig can make the teeth a little porous and therefore can hold stain easier.  After this period then teeth will normally stain as usual.  Red wines and items such as this can stain teeth more than anything. Tea is another culprit!  Be careful while you bleach and a few days afterward and you wil be fine.  Good Luck!

Keith Blankenship, DDS
Jacksonville Dentist

Staining after whitening

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There are two types of stain.  The stain you are referring to is the stain outside the teeth (extrinsic stain).

Immediately after whitening, the teeth may be more prone to sensitivity and staining.  Avoid the foods responsible for stain initially and in moderation afterwards to avoid the stain masking your great smile.  No need to worry as the whitening is most effective inside the tooth and any extrinsic stain should be easily removed by a professional.  Keep your trays handy as touch ups may be required in the future.  Teeth will gradually return to form after an indefinite period.  Periodic whitening will help prevent this.  Good luck and in Ireland eat all the potatoes you want!





Michael Dorociak, DDS
Sarasota Dentist

How long to wait after teeth whtiening to avoid staining

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I would abstain from drinking red wine, drinking coffee, tea, eating blueberries and smoking which all cause staining to the outside of the recently whitened teeth for at least 2 days. Teeth  are porous and more susceptible to stain right after the bleaching process no matter what type you use.  You can safely drink coffee, tea and red wine through a straw but I would just wait for a couple of days.  I would not worry about peanut butter and celery. These foods will not stain your teeth. Continue to use your take home trays and you will see  your teeth become whiter and whiter.  White teeth make you feel better about your smile and about yourself in general!  Enjoy them!

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

How long after whitening, one should refriam from colored foods

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The recommended time is 48 hours. We tell our patients to stay away from food and drinks for 2 days, drink liquids  using a straw rinsing and brushing right after  food. wait a few days and then start the take home kit. this was what ever stain might accumulate is Extrinsic,( outside) , and will easily be removed .

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Avoid Staining Foods after Whitening for 48 hours

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The general rule is to wait 24-48 hours after you have whitened your teeth before eating staining foods.  Common things that tend to stain your teeth are red wine, coffee, tea and curry.  If you are not sure about a certain food than you might as well hold off on eating it until 48 hours have passed by.  Playing it safe will not hurt and will allow you greater joy in enjoying your new and brighter smile.  It is always wiser to ask the provider who did the whitening for you on how long to wait.  There are many whitening products out there and hence the manufacturer would be able to give you a specific time you should wait for their product.

Dan Haas, DDS
Toronto Dentist

How long should I wait after whitening to consume staining foods

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You should really wait 24-48 hours to eat or drink something that could stain your teeth while you are whitening.  I would really stay away from wine or sauces that are colored.  After the 24-48 hours you can touch up anytime to keep that pearly new smile.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Wait to eat or drink staining drinks and food

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Wait 24 - 48 hours to eat food or drinks that can stain after teeth whitening. Peanut butter and salary are probably ok. Stay away from wine and sauces that are colored as well as other things that would stain a white t shirt. That's a pretty good way to judge what you should or should not eat or drink. That goes for any type of whitening. Good luck and enjoy your sparkly new smile :)

Teeth Whitening and Foods That Stain

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Congrats on taking the steps to improve your smile!  The short answer is that peanut butter and celery should be fine.  The more you can avoid consuming staining foods and habits while you are whitening your teeth, whether in office or at home, the better and faster your teeth will whiten.  Good luck!

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