Is the DaVinci Teeth Whitening System is Succesful As In-office Bleaching Trays?

I would like to have my teeth whitening, but I do not want to use Zoom technology because I've heard that whitening is just as good a treatment (but just takes longer). Is that true? Also, is an in-office whitening generally a better choice than the 'natural' Da vinci whitening method? (which is administered in a Dental Spa). I really appreciate your help. Thanks!

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Professional vs amateur teeth bleaching

Compairing professional vs non-professional services what will you prefer? Office dental bleaching performed by a licensed dentist oo hygienist can provide you with adequate long-term results and help you to avoid multiple complications. I would absolutely agree with you about benefits of professioanl bleaching systems in comparison to Zoom - they give fewer sensitivity and provide more stable result. In cases when you recieve the bleaching treatment at so called Dental Spa and get complications, for example necrosis of the gum tissue due to a high percentage of bleaching agent, who is going to resolve this issue?

It`s not only illegal to administer bleaching treatment ourside of dental offices, but also is very dangerous. 

Should you trust your teeth whitening to a non dentist?

Whitening techniques are many with variable costs and methods. Certain Rule of thumbs are:

1) Every one is different and not one system is best for all

2) Your teeth should be very important to you , so DO NOT get whitening or any procedure done for that matter where there is no dentist to supervise .

3) Always go to a reputable cosmetic dentist and decide together what is best for YOU.



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