How long after upper/lower blepharoplasty can I have full facial fat transfer?

I have recently had upper and lower bleph with fat transfer to the lower lids. My surgeon did not offer full facial fat transfer or fat transfer to upper lids which I would like. What is the earliest I can get this procedure done following the blepharoplasty? I would like fat transferred to the full face including the upper eyelids.

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Fat Grafting Following Blepharoplasty

In my office, we ask people to wait a minimum of six months after surgery to be evaluated as a candidate for possible revision eyelid surgery. This includes adding fat to areas where skin and / or fat have been removed. One procedure I perform very frequently is fat grafting to the upper eyelid after a person was left with a hollow looking upper eyelid following aggressive eyelid surgery.  

Ideally, fat grafting is a part of facial rejuvenation surgery and not an afterthought. However, there are many surgeons with expertise in fat grafting who can help a person after a surgery that left them feeling like surgery did not accomplish what they were hoping for. 

Fat grafting to the eyelid requires expertise, precision and patience on the part of your surgeon. Be sure to view many, many photos as evidence of expertise in this area and carefully check the credentials of any plastic surgeon you are considering. 

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How long after upper/lower blepharoplasty can I have full facial fat transfer?

Much depends on the post-operative swelling and the healing of the underlying tissues.  I would wait at least three months for the swelling to subside and for the underlying tissues to strengthen.

The attached link provides more information on fat augmentation.

I hope this helps.

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Fat transfer time frame

A surgeon experienced in fat transfer will always want a stable situation in order to use his best judgement.  It would be best to wait 4-6 months for all of the swelling to be gone and to see how much fat to the lower lids took from your previous surgery.  It's also best by the way to have fillers gone, again, so the surgeon can make his best judgement about how much fat to place in each area.  It's best to avoid a moving target.  I hope you find this information helpful.

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Facial Fat Transfer

If you had had just a blepharoplasty, I would tell you to wait about 2 months before having facial fat grafting. However, since you also had some fat grafting with the lower blepharoplasty, you should wait at least 4 months to allow all the absorption of the grafted fat that is going to occur to do so. You can then see if the area you just grafted needs a touch-up. 

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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Fat transfer

Four to six months after your eye surgery is probably enough time for most of the swelling to resolve. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Fat transfer

You can do the fat transfer to the face whenever you want.  Should wait at least 4-6 mos. to do the upper lids so that all swelling is gone. Fat transfer to the upper lids is a very delicate procedure and not done by many people.  Make sure you check around before having that done or you may be unhappy with the result.  I usually have patients do HA filler first to make sure they like the appearance with the filler. 

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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