Will injected fat migrate if injected in forehead and cheeks?

Hi. I am in my early 20's, and interested in having fat transferred to my forehead and cheeks to create a fuller face. However, I heard that injected fat in those areas will migrate downward overtime? Is that true? And why or why not? Thanks!

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Fat Transfer

Thank you for posting your question. Fat survival rate varies among individuals, but on average half of transferred fat is eventually reabsorbed. The fat that survives will behave just like all other fat cells in your body, meaning same response to weight change, gravity, and the aging process. As we age, our faces lose volume and the effect of gravity pulling becomes more apparent. Therefore, instead of downward migration of transferred fat, such appearance is just the natural result of the aging process. Best of luck.

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Fat grafting

Thanks for your question. No, fat that is grafted will not migrate anywhere once it is healed. Healed means that the newly transplanted cells have established their own new blood supply and are alive and well. They will not move anywhere, just as your natural fat does not move anywhere. Now, certainly tissues can "sag" a little over time due to gravity and environment, and we actually lose fat cells as part of the normal facial aging process. But, no, the fat cells won't migrate anywhere. Best wishes.

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Fat Transfer- Forehead and Cheeks

Please seek a consultation from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and facial contouring hyperaesthetic surgeon. Fat transfer to the forehead,temples and cheekbones is an excellent solution to restore lost volume in these regions with the correct surgeon performing the procedure. Not only does a patient look naturally refreshed but aesthetic focus is directed back towards the eyes while the face appears more diamond shaped and shorter. Fat transfer with an experienced physician provides remarkable results in terms of contouring, rejuvenation and even the overall skin quality as an unexpected benefit.

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Injected fat

Injected fat cannot migrate; if done properly, it should provide you long lasting results; please see examples of fat grafting below.

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Will injected fat migrate if injected in forehead and cheeks?

I think that you're confusing fat injection with the use of silicone injections (which do migrate).  Fat is injected into microtunnels and does not migrate.  Generally speaking, a portion but not all of the fat remains present, usually for several to many years.  Enjoy your results,

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Fat grafting to the forehead and cheeks?

it would be a mistake to inject fat into your forehead and cheeks, especially at such a young age. The fat injected will possibly create lumps and bumps which require surgery to remove. Use a filler if you like first such as Voluma  which is reversible. See a very experienced surgeon for this. 

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Fat Transfer Facts about Migration--Add PRP/Sculptra for best results

It wouldn't migrate downwards necessarily, but respond to the normal process of aging. However, I do recommend prp and sculptra injections after your procedure to maintain the results of the fat graft. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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