Is it possible to get wider upper nose bone with agumenting cartilage graft on sides of the nose?

Do spreader grafts (2) help widen the side walls that have collapsed also (3)? How difficult this kind of nose job is? I would only need volume after plastic surgeon did a rhinoplasty to me without a permission and I wish to restore my old nose. Please help me, so that I can continue with my life without seeing this pencil thin nose from the mirror.

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Spreader grafts and revision...

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While spreader grafts may help a little with the bony sidewalls, they are primarily used to widen and improve collapse of the middle third of the nose. Any revision rhinoplasty is difficult, but if you find a surgeon with a lot of experience you should be able to get an improvement.

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Widening nose

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it is fairly common to give width to the nasal bones with onlay grafts from the septum. Both bony and cartilaginous tissue can be used.

Dennis Barek, MD (retired)
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