I don't like my veneers; what do I do? (Photo)

I got my front four teeth done and they are a lot whiter than all the rest and I almost feel buck toothed. Can this be fixed???

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Large veneers #DrSoftTouch

It's difficult to see your veneers in the photo you provided, but they do look a bit large. The best thing to do is return to the dentist who placed your veneers to discuss your concerns. I always recommend okaying your restorations before having them permanently bonded. That way, any necessary changes easily be made by sending them back to the lab. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Smile makeovers treat ALL teeth that show

Anything less than all teeth that show when smiling (8-10 teeth usually) will have issues as you describe.  In your case, even simply replacing the 4 treated (while likely an improvement) will not be enough.  An experienced dentist trained in cosmetics can help guide you to the best treatment for you, whether veneering 10 teeth or a combination of orthodontics and veneers.

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Porcelain veneers mistakes

In order to asses your smile correctly, you would need to submit photos which show more close up detail and ideally a before and after photo.

Only then a Cosmetic Dentist can give you good advice on how to proceed. Please email any dentist of you choice the photos or submit them on Realself.

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Front teeth look to large and Bulky

I do your concern with the veneers.  The real problem is your vert narrow maxilla that leaves you a fout tooth smile with the canines and bicuspids almost invisible.  This gives the illusion that they are very small in comparison.  Because they are deep in the mouth they reflect very little light.

The picture shows a black buccal corridor on your right side (left side of picture) and you allready have pronounced nasolabial grooves due to insuffuceunt hard tissue support of lips and cheeks.

Ideally, you would have had expansion orthodontics before 8 years of age. As an adult the DNA Appliance (worn 12-14 hours day) can orthopedically grow you a full wide smile and allow better tooth positioning. 

Ideally, you should have 8-10 veneers for a full smile  OR  reduction of the teeth prior to doing veneers.  

You are a perfect example of why diagnostic wax-up and/or intra-oral composite mck-ups are part of cosmetic dentistry.

Do a google search of "full wide smile vs buccal corridors" under images and you will find many pictures showing this principle.  Web reference shows picture demonstrating golden proportion.

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From the photo, they do appear a little large. Unfortunately the only thing that can be done is to remake them. They cannot be properly adjusted enough in order to make you happy. I would speak to your dentist and voice your displeasure. 

Please take new photos and re-submit

I can't evaluate based on the photo you submitted. Please take close up views with teeth together and from different angles and re-submit

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