Will 1m1 shade look more natural, or is it just as white and dense as a dinner plate? (Photo)

I got porcelain veneers for my frontal teeth. I wanted them to be so white. I don't remember what shade code i had choose. No much discussion between me and the dentist was there, as i thaught it will just be fine. After applying them i was shocked and really dissapointed as they look so big, fake, white, prominent, and my smile was ugly. After a year i decided to change those fake looking veneers so i went to another dentist and after discussion i chose 1m1 shade. Still not ready in the lab.

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Shade of veneers

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1M1 is a much more natural shade.  Also if you believe the teeth looked big after the veneers, it has to do with the thickness of the veneer.  Make sure the veneers are not too thick.


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Porcelain Veneers

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There are factors other than the initial shade that makes a veneer look fake. An artistic ceramist creates a natural tooth appearance no matter what the shade is by incorporating translucency and texture to the porcelain. Also, the proper tooth reduction is necessary to reproduce a correct tooth size when the veneer is done. 

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