How long after a rhinoplasty do you start seeing results?

If you drastically change the appearance of the nose will you see results right after the bandages come off or does it take a few months to see the final result?

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Rhinoplasty Results

Resting and following post-op instructions are key in producing the desired outcome. Very minor residual swelling can linger for up to fifteen months, your results will not fully refine and finalize for a year or more. Most of your healing process will be determine by genetics. Your nose will continue to improve in appearance throughout your recovery. Talk to your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon regarding your Rhinoplasty.


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The appearance of changes after rhinoplasty surgery.

Each patient varies in terms of how much and to what degree they will swell after their rhinoplasty surgery.  If your changes are going to be dramatic I would expect that you would notice a significant improvement immediately that will become more refined and more natural looking with the passage of time.  It pays to be patient and follow your doctor's recommendations.Discuss any concerns you have of the authority undergone surgery with your plastic surgeon and best wishes.

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How soon after rhinoplasty to see the results.

The short answer is yes, you should see immediate improvement when the cast and tape are removed after rhinoplasty when major changes have been made. HOWEVER, depending on such factors as skin thickness and degree of swelling, which are quite different from patient to patient, the results can still be far from the final result. There's a reason we state that it takes about a YEAR to fully heal after a rhinoplasty. During that time the swelling is resolving and the skin and soft-tissue envelope of the nose is contracting down onto the new framework of the nose.

I generally tell my patients that by two weeks post-op they'll be able to go though a checkout line at the grocery store and no one will be aware that they've had surgery (i.e., bruising and the acute evidence of trauma will be gone), that they're about 60% healed by six weeks, about 85-90% healed by three months, and fully healed by one year. Again, these are averages.

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How long after a rhinoplasty do you start seeing results?

Dear Myloh, You should be able to see changes immediately at the splint removal and then further enhancements as the swelling dissipates over the coming months. I have included a video above of a typical splint removal at seven days post-op and then showing the patient a year later to show you an example of this process. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Rhinoplasty Result

You should be able to see results right away. Also, more results will appear in the coming months.
Best of luck!

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Both statements are correct - you should see a difference when the splint first comes off but the "final" result will not be apparent for months

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When do you see results after rhinoplasty?

Results do not appear at some set point after rhinoplasty.  Swelling takes a long time to dissipate fully and the results become more apparent over time.  Generally, by 3 months a good idea of how well the preoperative goals were achieved can be made.  However, subtle changes will continue to evolve for up to 12 to 18 months as healing progresses to completion.

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Dramatic results will appear right after removing your splint

You will realize dramatic improvement even at one week when splint removed; complete resolution of swelling may take up to one year.

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How long after a rhinoplasty do you start seeing results?

 There are many variables that go into the healing process after a rhinoplasty procedure which include the specific procedures performed on the nose, thickness of the skin, and the variability of the healing process itself which is different  with each individual. Most patients see the new bridge line when the cast is removed, however the tip stays swollen for the first few months after the procedure. Patient's start to see the new tip  and results at 2-3 months after the surgical procedure. For many examples and more information about the healing process, please see the link and the video below

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How long after a rhinoplasty do you start seeing results?

At least one year before you can see full complete results 
how ever change you will see once bandage is removed
thank you for your question 

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